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Put The Spice In Your Social Media: Why Social Media is a Great Idea

Monday, December 12th, 2011

If you enjoy Starbucks, and enjoy social media, it will soon be your time to shine (August 22nd, to be exact). Starbucks has announced a plan to gather their large fan base on Facebook to celebrate the coming of their autumn flavor, the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. So if you’re wondering why social media matters, now you can see that even the largest brands are working with an online marketing firm.

The Pumpkin Spiced Latte is a treat that has a large backing, and because it is seasonal, there is a large amount of excitement associated with it. When October comes around, everyone looks forward to the smell and thought of pumpkin, spices, and Halloween. The fall festivities this year for Starbucks will be revolving around the integration of the Pumpkin Spiced Latte and social media. But, why social media? Why did Starbucks decided to work with an online marketing firm?

What do they plan to do? Starbucks plans to incorporate an application with Facebook, that will challenge the intellect and creativity of their following. Within this application, there will be a point-based game that users may follow to garner the most points. Of course there has to be an fun objective to achieve with such points. The goal is to win. And with winning, comes the Pumpkin Spiced Latte Beverage to the city with the most involved and zealous users on August 30th, earlier than any other Starbucks store.

Within the application, there will be 3 different objectives to complete in order to collect points. For the people who have the gift of gab, there will be shout-outs for each city. For the people who have the gift of logic and problem solving, there will be daily trivia challenges and the sort to test their knowledge. Last, but not least, for minds blessed with the power of the muse and creativity, there will be an opportunity to obtain points through daily creations, using the application itself to design and create their mind’s imagination. Although with all these sorts of people, as long as you are competitive or love Starbucks, you will like this application, as there are Scoreboards will real time updates on who is at the front in the race for the delectable Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

By using this application, Starbucks strives to achieve a wonderful result. Bringing their community together through bonds and getting them involved in the decisions of their actions brings them much closer to the company itself. Not only that, but Starbucks hopes that they will be able to nurture their fans’ creativity, and giving them a chance to express it. In the end, their campaign with the Pumpkin Spiced Latte isn’t just a competition; it’s a gathering for Starbucks lovers everywhere. Now do you get why social media is so great? Maybe you should get in contact with an online marketing firm tomorrow!

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Do’s And Don’t’s Of Facebook

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The Internet, as a whole, has opened the doors to a varied range of contact possibilities with customers. The interactive characteristic of the medium also makes it possible for a customer to relay his response to a vast audience. Social networking sites, particularly Facebook, which are getting increasingly common around the world, have given customers an equal opening to communicate as loudly as you about your brand, in a public forum open to the whole world.

On the brighter side, there is a great opportunity to attain direct and unadulterated feedback from customers, without the requirement of costly and time-consuming surveys and research processes. Directly redressing customer queries on the medium itself can help increase brand loyalty. However, as a brand owner, you must be aware of the speed and potential of the medium to do good as well as harm.

There are enough reasons for a brand to be on one of the most trendy mediums. A major amount of conversation that happens on Facebook, or for that matter on other social platforms like Twitter, specifies brands, with customer’s attitude toward these clearly seen through them. Social media marketing can produce raw information that has not been spun, modified, or adulterated.

The fact is that whether you are there on Facebook, it’s very probable that someone or another from your customer base might be referencing you. Your brand presence during such a time is crucial to either thank the customer for any accolades or gracefully respond and address any grievances posted by the customers and win back their confidence in your brand.

On a proactive note, sustained brand presence on Facebook also helps you create your own group of customers, including those interested in you. This gives you one point access to disburse any firsthand brand information in a single click, without paying out a cent more. Today, brands – both little and big – have a presence on Facebook. Many of them utilize it with more innovation than the rest.

Conventional marketers are used to broadcast, which is a formal means of communication, where customers’ opinions are barely heard back. Coming from this experience, many a time, marketers find it hard to adjust and converse in the language required by social networking sites, which are much informal in nature.

There have been instances where brand owners trying to enforce rules and guidelines of discussion on Facebook fan pages have faced the immediate wrath of users, which had a negative impact on the brand. The moral from this is very clear, the brand must try to avoid any pitfalls on Facebook; marketers must know the responsiveness and energy levels of the users and be one among them, rather than one above.

For every horror story of a brand mess up on Facebook, there are many cases of success, where even small household brands have grown in reputation through effective use of the medium. Two golden rules to be obeyed while using Facebook and social media marketing in general, which can yield good outcomes in the long run, are as follows: Do not be a big brother – be a cheerful friend to your consumers. The big brother attitude, which worked fine in standard media, can hurt your brand on Facebook.

Any showdown of brand arrogance or one-upmanship is given a harsh response by its customers in the same medium. For a brand to succeed, it has to be a friend, who is fun to speak with. Do not advertise, converse – Blatant advertising, or use of social networks for incessant spamming with interruptive advertising, is a sure recipe for disaster. You will find your brand page getting isolated on Facebook.

There are many ethics to be obeyed with Facebook and social media marketing, which can be easily realized through active participation in the medium itself. A company must ensure that its trained representatives have a marked presence on Facebook and social networking avenues as true online custodians for the brand. For many companies, it also makes sense to engage an agency that is experienced in handling brand reputations on Facebook and online avenues, both to get more visitors and generate more revenue.

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Reputation Management

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Reputation management is important to each company. It’s vital to keep track of your actions and what people are saying or doing about them. If your company begins to develop a bad reputation it can lead to a large backlash and a loss in revenue. Look at all of the problems cause by how BP handled the oil spill in the gulf. In this digital age reputation has become more important than ever as information spreads at an insane rate. If you are doing something people don’t approve of you are going to hear about it quickly and often.

Protecting your companies name in a search engine is very important. When someone searches the name of your company you don’t want the first search result to be a scathing review of your company that would make potential customers scared to even speak your name aloud. Consumer generated media is becoming more and more prevalent on search engines, for example blogs, so reputation management needs to be done often and tracked because new blogs are always going up. You can make 1000 people happy, but if you make one person upset you can be sure you’re going to hear about it.

It is important to make sure your company comes up first when a user types in certain keywords because if the first link is inflammatory you know people are going to read it. A study conducted by reported a number one search result attracted 50,000 monthly visitors while the number 5 result only attracted 6,000 visitors in the same time frame. Ricky Bobby was right, if you’re not first you’re last.

The only way to insure proper reputation management is to keep an eye on it every day and think ahead. You need to almost predict how people will react to the actions of your company. The best way to deal with backlash and negative consumer feedback is to not let it begin in the first place. Of course this isn’t always feasible so you need people devoted to going online every day and dealing with negative articles. Whether it is getting in touch with the disgruntled customer and fixing the problem or doing your best to try and make sure no one sees the public rebuke, something needs to be done.

Reputation management is absolutely necessary if you want your company to succeed. If all people see posted about your company is negative comments and blog posts they will not be too thrilled about purchasing your product or using your service. Word of mouth is a strong tool and the internet has made word of mouth spread quicker than ever, companies need to be ready.

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