Super Bowl Sunday Dominates Online Marketing

Every year the Super bowl comes around and it’s all you ever learn about. From a girl who knows zilch about sports and could really care less about sports; I become invested in the Super Bowl. Why? Because, the people who promote the Super Bowl, no matter who is playing in it, use their online reputation to dominate the media markets with their web marketing. The two biggest media hot spots I fell they dominate the most is their TV marketing and online marketing.

The TV marketing is obvious; the Super Bowl is advertised on every commercial like the Golden Globe Awards. It got to a point a few years in the past that I didn’t want to watch TV during the week of the Super Bowl because ever commercial was about the Super Bowl. That’s how good their TV marketing is; their web marketing, I feel is a little more subtle but even more alluring. Not all marketing is bombarding you with strait on commercials like TV advertising. They also use TV and internet teasers to give hint to the Super Bowl commercials on YouTube; another picture on the change of times and technology for you.

The Super Bowl is more than just two football teams playing for a championship and is pertinent to more than just sport’s fans in general; it’s also the Super Bowl for the pop Entertainment Media as well. In 2011, the top ten Google searches were Chrysler 200, Christina Aguilera National Anthem Super Bowl, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Black eyed Peas Halftime Show, Star Spangled Banner Lyrics, 2011 Beetle, Slash, Medal Of Honor Recipients,, Is Fergie Pregnant.

Notice anything? These hunts looked, on the outside, that they had absolutely nothing to do with that year’s Super Bowl, yet they all had links to ads to that year’s Super Bowl as did the year’s prier. Why? Because The Super Bowl is no longer for just football or Sports fans, it has a wider clientele then just that one media market.

The Super Bowl now tries to gain all media clientele no matter their interest, particularly the pop media entertainment market. It’s the reason why the Super Bowl half time shows get more showy as the years go on. This is why these searches brought up links and ads for the 2011 Super Bowl.

These were searches for music, lyrics, musicians, cars, websites, heroes and gossip; drugs to feed America’s growing entertainment addiction. And with its now expanded market they must change their online marketing and types of marketing they use. So they turned to the internet and they’re half time shows and sponsor to accomplish this.

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