Some Online Reputation Management Advice for the Atlanta Falcons

So the Atlanta Falcons are now in extreme need of some serious reputation management. The sad end to their season in East Rutherford, New Jersey has warranted some of the serious online reputation beating that they are now taking. The amount of negative press could definitely justify hiring not only a new head coach and offensive coordinator, but an online reputation management employee as well.

The first people who could require some online reputation management are Roddy White and Michael Turner. Julio Jones doesn’t need nearly as much help since, as a rookie, there aren’t the “gigantic expectations placed on him that there are on the veterans. For Roddy White and Michael Turner, however, reputation management may not aid them. This is the second year in a row when neither player showed up in the clutch for their team and it showed.

The offensive coordinator, Mike Mularkey, went into the playoff season with a 10-6 record. In his third year with the team, he once again had a solid regular season. This season ended with a devastating loss to the New York Giants, with no points scored by the offense. Last season terminated at the hands of the eventual Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers. Although the Falcons have maintained a regular season combined record of 32-16 for the past three seasons, they have failed to advance in the playoffs. In such a tough business, how much longer is Mularkey’s job safe for?

The only person who may be under more stress than Mike Mularkey is the head coach Mike Smith. Under his leadership, the Falcons have enjoyed a 43-21 record since 2008. Only once in four years have the Falcons not made the playoffs. The 2008 NFL Coach of the Year may find himself in hot water following the embarrassing blowout loss to the New York Giants. His reputation in Atlanta may be past management.

In the world of online reputation management, timing is key. But one factor which makes a difference is how deserving of the poor reputation the subject is. If the subject is Roddy White or Michael Turner, the poor reputation is quite deserved. If the subject is Mike Mularkey or Mike Smith, the question becomes a tad more muddled. With sports, the common saying is that you can’t fire 20 guys, but you can fire one. Hopefully the online reputations of Mularkey and Smith will still be applicable and they get to keep their jobs. If not, they can always utilize some judicious reputation management in their search for new employment.

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