Social Media PR: A Beginner’s Guide Part Four: Effective Social Media Marketing Synergy

Public relations has changed since Edward Bernays got women to start smoking cigarettes by co-opting the nascent feminist movement to affirm that woman deserve the privilege to use tobacco in public in an orchestrated “freedom march” in the 1920’s. If a company were to try that today, somebody on Twitter or Facebook would call foul and organize a nasty campaign against them. And woe be unto anyone who gets on the wrong side of a social media agency or online marketing firm.

Clearly, social media is a game changer, but for traditional PR professionals, learning the uses of social media marketing can seem a bit intimidating, which is why so many people hire social media agencies and online marketing firms. So here’s a little primer on how a PR agency can use social media to further their brands and get more visitors to their websites. This series will cover beginning a social media account, the basics of social media strategy, the time sensitivity of social media, and efficient social media synergy.

The first stage to starting a social media marketing campaign is to set up social media accounts for your clients so their websites can get more visitors. If you are concerned about cutting your teeth on your own clients, you can try establishing one for your own business, in which case they only people you’ll have to worry about are yourselves. You should get to know the most prevalent social media platforms. Here are some examples:

Social Slideshow Sharing: This is Slideshare. This allows you to show off your PowerPoint files and is a wonderful way to distribute your work.

Social Bookmarking: This involves sites like, Simpy, and Blinklist. Here people meet people by searching through websites bookmarked by other users as well as bookmarking their own websites for other people to share.

Social Video and Photo Sharing: This includes sites like YouTube, Google Video, and Flickr. Here members upload and comment on videos or photos. This is especially great for creating videos to share with friends.

Social Networking: The biggest one in the US is Facebook, but there actually are scores. most likely if you consider “social media” you’ll be thinking of social networking.

Wikis: A lot of people have heard of Wikipedia, but not too many consider of it as a social media site. Since it involves client created subject matter and a collaborative community, it actually does fit the bill.

Is there anything else you want to know about social media? Do you think it’s a fad or do you think it’s the next stage in marketing? Check us out at and we can talk about it!. This article, Social Media PR: A Beginner’s Guide Part Four: Effective Social Media Marketing Synergy is available for free reprint.

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