SEO Techniques For Creating Backlinks

The Internet is growing day by day, but it is unclear whether there is a higher percentage of surfers joining the Internet or a higher percentage of web sites. My guess is that the Net is fracturing so that there is a Chinese Internet, and English Internet, a Spanish Internet and so on, but the number of people creating web sites aimed at the English-speaking market is growing the fastest, which means that competition is increasing.

There are a number of SEO techniques for building backlinks. (By the way, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization). In fact there are many, but some of them are not very good. The basic principle of building backlinks is that search engines rank sites according to their popularity. So, if you type a search phrase into a search engine it will return a list of web sites.

That list of web sites will be ranked according to popularity and the search engine judges popularity by the number of web sites linking to it. Therefore, the objective of all web masters is to create enough backlinks to rank on the first page of Google and if possible in the top six.

Here are some techniques for building backlinks.

The number one best way of acquiring backlinks is writing helpful articles and adding a link to your web site in the by-line at the bottom of it. This article ought to be posted to piece databases. Most piece databases need the article and the link to be on a similar topic, but others do not.

Another decent technique for building backlinks is to contribute to blogs and forums which are on a subject related to your web site. In this case, you ought to make a signature file (sigfile) and attach the sigfile to all your posts to those blogs and forums. If you try this, the posts should be relevant and helpful and not at all pushy or you run the danger of having your account closed in which case you will lose all the links you have already built.

You could try using traffic exchanges to get backlinks. Surfing traffic exchanges does not work effectively for most forms of web sites, but if you open an account and enter your web sites in to your account, search engines will find your links and credit you with a backlink. If you do this with a hundred TE’s that is 100 unreciprocated backlinks, which is a quite valuable leg-up.

Links ought to be from web sites that are related or relevant to yours to be of the most use. Some web masters exchange links with the web masters of related sites. The concerns here are: 1] you have to continuously monitor whether they have taken your link down 2] you have to know the popularity of the page that holds your link (does anyone or any search engine ever go there?) 3] you will ‘leak’ visitors out of your links to the others’ sites. Will you get more that you lose?

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