Search Engine Marketing And Social Media: Kissing Cousins

Do you want ten thousand Facebook likes? Do you want to be on the first page of Google? Are you alive? Of course you answered yes to all three! Search engine marketing and social media are totally in and for very good reasons: they’re excellent ways to get quality traffic to your website-and your brick and mortar business-all for significantly cheaper. But, are you aware that you want both at the same time?

For years there have been rumors, whispers in the night, that search engines we’re going to start using social media data to help determine search engine rankings. There have been a couple of interviews that said so clearly, but the specific uses of social media for search engine marketing so far has remained secret.

Here’s what we do have: if you want to rank well in Google, you better have a strong social media presence. The details of this are still a bit unknown, but it appears as though having a lot of likes on Facebook or Google+ is great, but the real home run is getting people on Twitter to retweet your content, ideally with a link to your webpage and the keywords for which you’re trying to rank.

Of course, you don’t want just anybody to retweet your content well, it doesn’t hurt, but what you really want is people who have a large number of great followers, ideally those who also retweet everything that the original retweeter says (wow, the sentence was complicated, now, wasn’t it?).

So, how do you get all these splendid things? Well, you really have to be knowledgeable of social media marketing and all of its many forms. It can be a tall order, but, at this point, you really have no excuse not to be a confirmed social media marketing junkie. And, now that search engine marketing and social media have linked up the reasons for it have become that much clearer.

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