Sam Oliver: A Hero Via Marketing and Social Media

While not the most popular beloved show that the CW network ever broadcasted, “Reaper” perfectly blended action into comedic entertainment. There was legitimate tension nervousness and drama but at the same time, “Reaper” never took itself too seriously. The show’s main foremost character is Sam Oliver, who learns on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the Devil. On that day, Sam is encountered greeted by an evil-looking man claiming to be the Devil. Sam is told that he must serve work as a bounty hunter to bring escaped souls back to Hell; if Sam refuses, his mother is brought to Hell. With this threat, Sam faces confronts and entraps escaped souls for two seasons before cancellation. The question is, would Sam become a greater higher hero had his reputation been adjusted by an online marketing firm? Would marketing and social media make a change in the fate of the world?

Sam faces many escaped loose souls, each one from varying degrees of background. In the pilot episode, Sam faces a powerful strong fireman. In the process, Sam’s friend Benji is hurt and he is reluctant unlikely to let anyone else get hurt because of his new life as the Devil’s bounty hunter. Sam’s good will as a friend is obvious. The question is, if Sam can protect Benji, what can stop him, with online marketing firm helping benefiting others in the same way?

It would be absurd stupid to think that Sam, in this comedy, can protect every single person in the world at the exact same time. Despite the order command that was given to him by the Devil to bring escaped souls back where they belong, Sam is only human and can only do so much. However, an online marketing firm is a broad tool and can be used to transmit transfer messages across varying degrees of length. If he can’t be somewhere he should be, Sam can warn those who will listen to protect look after themselves. Sam’s only Achilles heel, in this case, is the fear worry of the Devil somehow shutting down the entire World Wide Web.

With platforms websites for information like Facebook, blogs can tell of the escaped souls. One can argue that people may not believe the posts but with natural occurrences happenings around them, are they in any position to call Sam on a supposed bluff? Sam can warn signal others of the attacks in the area, warning them to be cautious and to watch out for any warning signs. As great a form of entertainment as “Reaper” can be, there is danger to be had and even the most innocent naive of bystanders aren’t safe.

Along with details of the escaped souls, Sam can also form produce the best way to combat these forces. In one episode of Reaper, Sam faces a femme fatale of a model who disfigures and kills women she deems beautiful attractive. The target subject, in this case, is the face. As nonsensical as it seems, for those who live in the area of the attacks, Sam can point out the face as a vital essential point and for them to be shielded in case women travel in the area. Sam would be wise to use marketing and social media to speak out about this. When facing otherworldly dangers downsides, defense is better than offense.

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