Reputation Management for the Tragic Big Bad Wolf

One of the most notorious of all villains, the Big Bad Wolf waseternally condemned by storytellers and feared by children. But what was the Big Bad Wolf’s exact crime? He simply preferred pork and bacon. There’s no harm in that, you would think, except that he was portrayed as a dastardly villain because his prey was three cute little pigs. Now if this wasn’t someone who needed the kind of top of the linereputation management only a full service online marketing firm could provide, then there is something wrong here.

The Big Bad Wolf was a very ordinary guy. He was a hungry predator who happened to come across three small pigs. Each of these pigs would have made a fine dinner for the Wolf, except that they continually tried to trick him and deceive him. No wonder he was so testy all the time.

This poor wolf was merely trying to take advantage of a really difficult situation that he had found himself in. The only food close by established itself to be three little pigs who lived together. Most people would’ve measured this as an all you can eat buffet. For the wolf, it should have been. But no, it was an ugly example of a situation gone wrong.

A good online marketing firm would be able to make it easier for the wolf to repair his image. They would spin him as a starving, endangered woodland creature, definitely worthy of sympathy. He was a victim of circumstance, certainly not a bad wolf, merely one who was trying to survive. Thus, the power of reputationmanagement is revealed. A spin of the matter changes all of the perspective.

If there was ever a fictional character in the canon of fairy tale creatures that got a bad rap, it was the Big Bad Wolf. He was an innocent wolf, trying to capitalize on a good thing but who found himself vilified for simply being true to himself. This is a decisive case of he said, he said but one which could have calamitous and far reaching controversy, particularly for the wolf. After all, the wolf is just striving to eat. What’s next? Wolves being disciplined for howling at the moon?

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