Reputation Management for An Evil Doctor. No, Not That One

It’s very difficult to be accepted as a super villain these days. Particularly when the local cell of bad guys is run by a vocalizing horse. When the local hero is an aggravatingly heroic and muscular guy who happens to be drawn to the girl that you want to date, then nothing good can be said about this matter. So it’s no wonder that Dr. Horrible would need to hire an online marketing firm to help him with his reputation management needs.

An online marketing firm could indeed help to repair Dr. Horrible’s online reputation after his freeze ray debacle. After all, it wasn’t really his fault that it malfunctioned and accidentally released Captain Hammer from his frozen condition. Okay, so it might have been his fault but Dr. Horrible got punched in the face right after it happened so he paid the price.

Dr. Horrible really may need the reputationmanagement following the disastrous events associated with the death ray incident. The death ray machine backfired when Captain Hammer attempted to use it on Dr. Horrible himself. It took Captain Hammer’s powers and exploded.The explosion mortally wounded Penny, the girl that Dr. Horrible was in love with.

A good online marketing firm might be able to present both incidents as merely that of a spurned lover. After all, Dr. Horrible was trying to wow Penny the whole time that he was working to join the Evil League of Evil. He was a lovelorn young man, trying to find his way, and retaliating against an obnoxious local hero. The local hero, who had a history of beating up Dr. Horrible, needed to be shown who was the greater power.

Maintaining one’s reputation as a bad guy is painful enough. It becomes even more difficult when your rival is constantly showing you up. When the “good guy” shows you up in front of the female that you like, well, enough is enough. The need for reputation management is an unfortunate side effect of the ongoing battle between good and evil. Even when the battle is being fought by a guy who couldn’t get accepted into a club led by a talking horse.

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