Ranking on Google: How The DK-is-a-Street-Performer Case Study Can Help Your Business

The Yellow Pages used to be the first marketing tool a business would go to if they wanted to be seen. A business owner would pay a monthly fee to have a listing in the yellow book. Today, not many people use the yellow pages – much less own a copy. Instead, people are going to Google to search for services.

That is why there is so much business for SEO experts nowadays. Business owners know that the key to getting new clients is to rank on the first page of Google, and they will pay hundreds of dollars per month to get their websites to show up. And when they do? You have a 10% chance of having someone click on your website.

So a listing on the first page of Google almost guarantees you a 10% chance of gaining a new client. However, it puts you on the same level as everyone else on that same page. If you want even more visibility, how would you go about getting the equivalent of the full-page color ad in the Yellow Pages?

That is why now, marketers are going for something brand new – multiple listings on the first page of Google. The “DK is a Street Performer” contest and case study showed the real possibilities available to businesses who are looking to completely erase their competitors and show up multiple times on the first page of Google search – thereby increasing clicks to their site.

The more sites you have on the first page of Google for a specific search, the more likely you are to get traffic (or clicks) to your website. One site on the first page gives you a 1/10 chance of acquiring a new customer, while four sites would give you a 4/10 chance. One of the challengers in the dk-is-a-street-performer case study, Liane Carmi, was actually able to get to 8/10!

Google updates all the time, and less recent sites tend to lose their rankings. This is especially true with news articles and videos. However, there are certain tricks that knowledgeable marketers employ to keep certain websites at the top, and Ms. Carmi seems to have mastered this skill.

Ms. Carmi, during a recent interview, stated that the reason she was able to rank so well in the competition was that she took action, and remained consistent with her marketing efforts. Even when other marketers closed shop for the day, she continued moving forward.

Ms. Carmi also offered this bit of advice for businesses who would like to have their websites take over the search engines: “Find an online marketer who has some experience with difficult niche markets. This is the type of marketer who can help you get on the first page of Google. Also, don’t forget to have someone look at your landing page, and make sure you are building a database. Traffic means nothing if you cannot convert the visitors into customers at some point.”

Want more information about the challenge and case study? Go to Google now and type “DK is a Street Performer.” The sites that come up may surprise you!

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