PPC Advertising and The Competition

Pay per click advertising can be the one thing that your site needs if your site has either been struggling to attract visitors or if your existing advertising methods are pulling in the wrong crowd.

Even if you exerted a good amount of effort on SEO, heavy traffic won’t really pour in until your website gets a pretty nice ranking and that can take a few months to reach.

There is nothing wrong with being patient and tracking your progress but don’t forget that your site is in a pool of some competition. There might be other sites that are similar to yours but are more aggressive with advertising. PPC can turn the tides if used correctly.

Using PPC for a competitive advantage doesn’t mean that you should abandon your SEO efforts. PPC and SEO can work very well together so keep working on that if you have time. In fact, you can analyze the performance of your SEO and see if you can apply the keywords that you have used to PPC.

Think of PPC as a turbo for SEO so if you are confident with your choice of keywords and the competition isn’t that heavy with those keyword phrases, you can integrate them with your PPC campaign and see some surprising results.

If the outcome is not what you have expected, you can always change both your PPC and SEO tactics and try something else. Success in both PPC and SEO involves a lot of trial and error but deeper research increases your chances of success.

Your research can go to the competitors themselves. These sites are certainly out there and you can discover them rather quickly if you take one of your site’s main keyword phrases and use it as a search query. Observe the first few pages of results and head to any websites that have similar descriptions.

Even if the site isn’t exactly the same, you can consider that site as a competitor if it is trying to target the people that you are targeting. Keep in mind that some people will stop searching for a site if they are contented with the site that they discovered.

By observing the sites that are in the same niche as yours, you can figure out how these websites made the rankings. Some sites have been around much longer than yours and they make good use of SEO to keep them ranked. But there is a chance that the site isn’t using PPC just because they are contented with their SEO.

The best thing to do here is to find any keywords your competitor is using and add them to your PPC campaign so your site will get better exposure if those keywords are used as a search.

This tactic can also help you on a financial perspective. You already know that these keywords work because your competitor uses them for a site boost. It is less likely for your money to be wasted on this type of investment. Once you take the lead on PPC, you can strengthen your SEO as well so you can widen your competitive gap. Repeat this with other competing sites and your site will flourish quickly.

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