Online Marketing and Reputation Management

Blogging is great for online marketing and maintaining your reputation management. If you like to blog, MySpace is certainly the place for you then. With nearly over forty – million members worldwide, it’s not being too brief to say that you will have a massive audience to entertain and communicate with through your informative blog. A “Blog” by the way, for those of you who don’t know, is the abbreviated form for web logging. (Get it – weB LOGging!)

The first thing that you need to do thus to be able to blog to your hearts content is to sign up for a MySpace account. It’s free so there’s not going to be any monthly charges or anything like that, and it’s relatively easy to navigate through the needs and criteria of the MySpace pages.

Once you have set up your MySpace pages satisfactorily (i.e. changed and updated or edited your profile, changed and customized the background and the graphics, added photographs, video, and etc.), you can then proceed to the fun part of creating your very own personal blog MySpace provides you the facilities for you must be aware of what your blogging about for the sake of reputation management. It also provides you with the propensity to have a blogging group in which people whom you invite or who find your blog interesting can come along and read your blogs and comment on them. And if you’re really into blogging and you have a way with words which will draw a person into your blog almost like online marketing. MySpace members will be running to your pages and you might find your group of friends on MySpace expanding.

Having a blog also gives you the ability to put your artistic talents to the fore as you can even write small novellas if you want, which you can then blog about in another post with your particular group of blog MySpace friends! Or you could just use your blog that MySpace provides to take people through an animated discussion about your day, and your life. If however you want people to keep coming back to it, you will want to make it interesting to other people, if it’s not insightful already. Creating a blog just to blow steam off at the end of the day, or to snipe and gripe about your boss and your coworkers just won’t cut it.

You will find that you have more adverse comments about your blog, than good comments. You will also find that word spreads and a majority of people will protest your blogs. Another thing that you should also be aware of, is that with such a large amount of people on the MySpace pages, there is a chance you might bump into your coworkers or even your boss.

And if you’re using the blog MySpace provides to vent your dissatisfaction about these people, you could find yourself with no friends at all. So keep your blogs friendly, clean, and most of all interesting. If your blogs are really intriguing you can actually get advertisements as a form of online marketing.

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