Online Advertising Tips: What is HTML?

HTML is one of the primary ways to develop a website. Oh, you wanted me to get into a wee bit more detail? Well,I can do that too. HTML is an acronym which stands for “Hypertext Markup Language.” In simple terms, it is a way to tell web browsers how to proceed when they start up your website. So, if you want to prosper in online advertising and effectively handle your reputation management, you should know a little bit about HTML, since it is one of the most important factors to your online presence. Notice I said a little bit; the way web pages have built has been altered so much that you no longer need to be an authority, or hire a marketing firm.

So, I said you should learn a little bit about HTML if you want to use a marketing firm to cope with your reputation management. In a nutshell, HTML is how you make webpages show things other than text. Making things bold, setting up links, exhibiting images, those are all conducted in HTML. If you were to build a webpage completely without it all you would have would be black text on a white background. Certainly not what people desire to come across.

However, after that, I honestly don’t think you to know much more. Here’s why: no one builds website manually anymore. Unless you’re going for something extremely specific, you can doubtless accomplish everything you want from the astute manipulation of templates. And, if you were to develop something more complicated you would probably use a completely different way to put together webpages, like XML. Therefore, HTML is nowhere near as significant as it once was.

This is not to say that HTML is completely lifeless as far as web marketing is concerned. While you can do an awful lot with a template, sometimes you’ll want to do something beyond its scope. In addition, knowing HTML can be valuable if you’re working with a lot of data. For example, I recently built a website in WordPress. The client asked for pages and pages of reference content, all of which includeddozens of links, things to be bolded, etc. I was metwith two selections; I could either plug it into the WordPress template and work with it that way, or I could use a series of find/replace functions to transform the specific words into the desired HTML elements. By choosing the latter, I saved myself around four weeks of work.

Therefore, I wouldn’t worry too much about understanding HTML and, if you do, never go beyond the fundamentals. I largely think people should take a wait and see course of action; if something occurs and you need to pick up HTML, wait for it, otherwise, it could be a waste. Fortunately, the type of HTML that I still use on a daily basis can all be taught in an afternoon, so if you do have to know it, it won’t take you that long.

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