Live Chat Software: What Is It?

There are many online stores, business and e-commerce websites, and other online services to check out online. Many of these sites deal with money so you have to be careful in choosing which sites you want to deal with.

Some sites may deliver but other sites may do a far better job for your money’s worth. You can get a good idea on how good a company can be by checking their support options and trying them out. This is why you should outfit your site with sophisticated communication solutions to show your customers that your door is open if they need assistance.

If you want to go all out with an all-around solution, installing live chat software will be your best bet.

About Live Chat Software

A live chat software is a web application that provides an interface for your support personnel as well as your site visitors so they can properly discuss issues and answer any questions. It basically integrates a special chat room to your site.

Since only a single member of the support team is required to communicate with a person, the software will assign a support member once a customer requests a session.

There are also some desktop live chat applications available. In fact, normal communication software like Skype can be considered as a live chat software since you can let someone engage in a private video or text conversation as soon as they know your ID.

Many applications like Skype allow you to generate a special button that you can embed on your website so they just need to click it for the session to start. Although the customer must have the software installed, this live chat solution can serve as a nice start in getting your support crew involved with real-time online support.

Features of a Good Live Chat Software

Eventually, you should consider switching to a premium live chat software since it allows quick sessions. The support team can simply idle until the live chat software sees an alert for a new chat request. Unlike traditional phone line support, if another chat request is made, a person in the support team will have the option to accept it too or pass it on to someone else.

Since good live chat software have a tabbed interface, support members shouldn’t have a problem with dealing with multiple people.

There is always a possibility for all members of the support team to be unavailable. The best possible way to keep the customer comfortable during these rare instances is to provide an email form so the support team can address the issue when they go back online. A customer can do this immediately if they can see the current online status of the different support members.

Support team managers have to make sure that their team is doing a fantastic job. They can easily evaluate by checking the logs since the live chat software can effectively log conversations. If the live chat software supports it, managers may also be able to communicate with their fellow members through an internal chatting system. This is useful if a support member needs to relay a customer question to someone else.

Good live chat solutions require a license and that costs money. Make sure the live chat software has these features before you go on with the purchase.

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