Is Zija Your Road To Success? – Is There Room For One More At The Inn?

Zija International, a relatively new company within the MLM marketplace, was opened in 2006 to be the newest in a long line of effective MLM companies launched by nutritional business innovator Kenneth Brailsford.

The Zija products are based from the Moringa plant, a fascinating petite shrub that is cultivated globally that you have probably not heard of before.

This key substance from the study I completed actually seems fairly amazing. Moringa contains anti-oxidants, minerals and proteins and based on the Zija website, folks have reported “enhancements in skin, digestive function, vision, mental clarity, and all round well-being, along with a drop in symptoms linked with tiredness, arthritic-like disorders, and aging”.

Humm… I wonder if I can mix it with my java.

That being said, you need to put that aside for a moment and decide whether or not having a really good nutritional product is the key element behind what will make a network marketing company succeed and more importantly is it going to put the big bucks into your pocket?

Well let’s review the comp plan for a second.

The Zija pay plan is a fairly fundamental Hybrid- Binary in which your binary pay is generated by “Team Commissions” on your weakest leg. You then receive additional pay based upon a unilevel pay structure that permits you to tap into the high rollers within your organization regardless of what leg they are in. This plan also has a matching check bonus that goes down 8 generations in your organization.

Many recent MLM companies have used this structure including MonaVie, eXfuze, Evlov Health, and Xowii to name a few.

So the pay strategy Zija uses clearly is capable of driving a few large pay checks so long as the sales are there.

Nutritional merchandise is obviously a multilevel marketing industry favourite. They appear to be included in many companies, who are all hunting for that reported “Trillion Dollar” market that Paul Zane Pilsner discusses in his well-liked books.

So Zija seems like a deal made in heaven right?

Well perhaps.

Every product type in the MLM industry whether its, nutritional, skin care, technology or telecom all have pretty specific growth curves that in fact are a direct result of the product itself.

The fact is that just 50% of the work of being successful in building a vast organization is the day to day routine of lead generation and presentations.

Following that, you need to hold it in position and have a considerable number of representatives continually ordering the merchandise.

The perfect disaster in a Multi level marketing opportunity is obviously when the “Wow” factor of the product is huge, and the product is so effective that individuals actually feel or see results. Therefore even if they quit the business and stop enrolling new representatives because it’s so difficult, they cheerfully remain users of the product.

Now even though dietary nutritional products are a massive trendy market, they are inclined to be much more of a logical consumer product. I mean who ever ate a health supplement and awoke the following morning and announced,

Wow! My entire life has altered, I truly feel fantastic.

It does not generally happen because nutritional supplements are of course good for us, and we read the studies and we know we should take them, but people fall off the wagon all the time.

Now we all understand there are ways to diminish this effect like diversifying our product mix by introducing skin care along with other product kinds with more consumer sustainability and obviously launching fresh goods and keeping ahead of the competition.

In summary, I guess I am not certain there are any perfect deals within the MLM business but you will find a lot of extremely great ones and Zija seems to be one of them.

So if you like what you see with Zija and feel passionate about what the company is offering go for it.

Just keep in mind MLM Success is really a numbers game, so focus your creating efforts on utilizing high quantity lead creation methods instead of attempting to accomplish success by focusing on your buddies and family members.

Also a high enough volume lead generation strategy is always a huge benefit in helping to offset the dropout ratio.

Marc Barrett is a regarded top Home business Marketing pro. He has been awarded “Millionaires Circle” status, and written a number of Multi level marketing training programs. For Zija training ideas click on the link for tip and methods to build your business. Also check out his latest blog critique on Family IQ a brand new fast moving MLM company.

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