Is Cena’s Online Reputation Falling?

To say that WWE talent John Cena is a polarizing figure is an understatement. Between his fifty-fifty crowd support in nearly every venue to his supposed reluctance to change with his career progressing, it’s hard for many older fans to cheer for the twelve-time world champion. His personal life hasn’t been much better, either, as news came about that Cena had divorced his wife of almost three years. To say that Cena needs help is an understatement and considering WWE is heavily into the Internet, his online reputation can stand to be improved.

One would think that someone of Cena’s popularity would be well-received by the wrestling crowd. The truth of the matter, though, is that he’s seemingly loved primarily by the female and child demographics. His muscular appearance and Superman-esque personality do not help to bring in the older male demographic which WWE was initially marketed towards. His main criticism is that he is ‘stale,’ the same old Cena mantra being shoved into the faces of reluctant fans and, truthfully, the criticism is warranted.

Cena might be showing cracks in his character, though not on his own accord. With news of his divorce came other information that would not help Cena’s online reputation, which is one area fish.bat specializes in, very much. His performance in live shows has been dwindling, as told in this report by clicking here, and Cena’s disinterest in putting on a good show is apparent. Wrestling is an art form, no matter what critics may say, so when one person is out of sync with others, the entire product suffers as a result.

Cena’s reputation is probably lower than it ever was and the good thing is that there are ways to remedy this. To start off, Cena needs a break after several years of constant work for the company. As well, he should keep fans updated on his status via Facebook or Twitter. Only a sentence of content from him every couple of days or so can help Cena keep in touch with his fans. People love interactivity in this digital age we live in, after all.

Those who watch WWE on a casual basis will merely see the shows as what they are: shows. However, the performers are just like you and me. They are human beings who succumb to the ugliness of personal problems and Cena’s problems in his life have been well-documented in recent days. Cena is unable to separate his professional life from his personal life, which does him very little favors if he ever wants to be away from work. Cena’s increase of a positive online reputation can only benefit him in the long run.

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