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Social media management is one of the fastest growing positions in the internet industry. Social media and online community management are important functions in today’s hyper-connected business world. Social media management and having a good social media agency are fundamental to a company’s success. “Vitrue” is a leading social and online marketing platform that is offering the first industry award to appreciate social media community managers. The “Vitrue Community Manager of the Year” award was devised to showcase the best social media community managers from around the country.

The popularity of this award is an indication of the importance the internet industry stamps on social media management across businesses of all sizes. The “Vitrue Community Manager of the Year” award will recognize and celebrate the incredible work being done by the fastest growing, most in-demand position in all of social network marketing. The limelight on community managers will last all year and culminate with the “Community Manager of the Year” award on January 23, 2013. The award website and Facebook page will serve as the submission destination page as well as an instructional resource. The website will feature daily content contributed by industry experts and award participants.

Community managers can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else at The arbiters define a community manager as someone who spends at least fifty percent of their workday managing, creating content for, moderating, posting, or analyzing social streams for brands, companies, or organizations. Qualified entrants will download a Q&A sheet that needs to be filled out and returned by October 1, 2012. Questions will cover strategy, best practices, theories, opinions, real-world scenarios, professional information and social marketing philosophy questions. Then the qualified entrants will immediately receive the Vitrue Social Marketing Strategy Kit 2012.

The nominations will first be judged by the answers from the Q&A. After that the finalists will be judged fifty percent by fan support via the “Vitrue tabs voting module” and fifty percent by a experienced panel of judges. A trifecta of finalists will be awarded a trip to Las Vegas to attend the “Vitrue School for the Socially Gifted” in November. The prize includes hotel, airfare, meals, and event activities. Finalists will hear from social marketing’s most renowned industry professionals as well as many of the world’s largest brands on leadership insights, strategies and best practices. Each finalist will also be applauded at the event with their own video feature. The winner of the “Vitrue Community Manager of the Year” award will also receive, in addition to fame within the industry, their choice of iPad or iPhone, a three month trial to the Vitrue SRM 3.0 platform, and a community manager survival kit filled with additional awards and surprises.

An award like this is long overdue. Social media managers have been at the front lines of online marketing and online community organization for years. This job is frequently underestimated and overlooked in the professional world. But it requires drive, industry knowledge, creativity, and cleverness that deserves to be recognized. Social media managers will be grateful and appreciative that their hard work is finally being recognized by their peers.

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