Importance of Keyword Research

Getting your website listed on the search engine is something that every serious webmaster wants to do if they want to attract a certain crowd. But actually, hosted websites that have some live content will eventually be indexed by search engine bots. The real thing that matters is the ranking because the search engine needs to properly list good results when a certain keyword is thrown in. This is why keywords play a very important role in making your site successful.

But you can’t just apply a couple of basic SEO techniques you find on the net and go for the keyword phrase that best defines your site. Although that would be an ideal situation, the reality is that popular keyword phrases are highly competitive. There are hundreds of thousands of websites that deserve a lot of recognition because of the content and incoming traffic on a daily basis. It is highly unlikely to dethrone those types of websites unless you think about other keyword phrases to focus on that are not as competitive. This is known as keyword research and it offers other benefits that makes it important as well.

Realizes the Competition

With millions of sites around the web, it is likely that your upcoming or newly launched site is going to compete with a handful of others. Even if your site can look remotely different, it is the content that matters most and you won’t realize what type of content you are going up against until you do some keyword research and get an idea on other highly successful websites that are targeting the same audiences as you.

Avoids the Unwanted Traffic

Efficient operation of a website is most ideal especially if site bandwidth is part of your hosting bill. If your site offers products, services, and/or advertisements, you need to make sure that your traffic counts. Getting hundreds of visitors to take action on your content is much better than getting thousands of people to check out your site and shortly leave after they find out that the information is irrelevant. You will frequently get those types of visitors if your keyword targeting is a bit off. Proper keyword research can help you figure out the trends and search behaviors of others to make sure you attract the right search engine users.

Gives you Content Ideas

Keyword research the old fashioned way is basically typing a set of keywords on to a search engine and letting the search engine display the results. These results are mainly based on content, so clicking on any of the links shown on the top results should take you to some content-rich pages. These pages can give you ideas on what content to make for your audience. This isn’t for encouraging plagiarism but you can always gather multiple ideas from multiple sources in order to create something unique.

Once you get into serious marketing techniques like SEO and PPC, keyword research really pays off. It is one of those tasks that are easy to execute but take time to master before you find the best keywords for your site that are not highly competitive. Fortunately, there are keyword research tools that can assist you.

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