How to Turn Your Affiliate Marketing Blog into a Cash Machine

If your affiliate marketing blog is not producing the cash flow you desire, don’t be dismayed. With a few easy changes you can explode the profits you generate starting today.

Why You Should Promote An Affiliate Marketing Blog

Advertising affiliate products with an affiliate marketing blog is really the best business to start online. It requires some effort but in the long run it will payoff big time for you. Creating an affiliate marketing blog will give you the power to market multiple affiliate products by simply creating a new post. Contrary to a website, you have the power to keep your the content on your blog up to date. And fresh content is what Google and the other search engines really want. By creating brand-new content everyday and tailoring it around the affiliate products you wish to market, you can enhance your ranking and generate organic leads for your affiliate products. As you continually post to your affiliate marketing blog, you will drive larger amounts of traffic which will eventually lead to more sales.

To ensure that your affiliate marketing blog gets the end results that you want, pick your target audience first. You’ll want to do this before you select your product so that you feel comfortable with your target market. Once you have figured out who your target market will be, you can then pick multiple affiliate products to market with your affiliate marketing blog. Focus only on one affiliate product in the beginning, but after you start producing the sales you want then you will want to add more products. Be sure to thoroughly research each affiliate program you choose to advertise. Your reputation will be at stake so you need to make sure that you’re not marketing junk.

Optimizing Your Affiliate Marketing Blog For Huge Results

After you have picked your product that you wish to advertise, go to the google keyword research tool and search for the keywords which relate to your product. Search for the keywords which have at least 1500 clicks on a monthly basis and don’t have an overwhelming amount of competition. Competition is great and shows that your keyword is very popular, but when you’re just getting your feet wet go for medium competition or lower. If you start off targeting keywords with high competition, you’ll rank very low in the beginning and not see any positive results.

Once you have chosen your targeted keywords, write killer content around your keyword and slide your affiliate product into your post as smoothly as possible. Your affiliate marketing blog should center around providing solutions to your readers difficulties. After you have solved their problems and issues, then you introduce your affiliate product to them. If you do this correctly, your affiliate product will be the logical solution to the reviewer and they won’t think twice about clicking on your offer.

Under no circumstance should you ever send your prospect to an affiliate offer directly. There must always be a way to capture your lead’s information. By sending your leads directly to an offer without having a good squeeze page in place, you will miss out on 98% of the traffic that your affiliate marketing blog will create. With a good squeeze page you will be able to send your leads a follow-up e-mail series through your autoresponder. If you don’t have an autoresponder yet, then you’re not really working to build your business. To market your affiliate products effectively, you absolutely need an autoresponder!

Increasing Your Income with Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

Once you begin to make a good and reliable income with a single product, you will need to add some new affiliate products to your products list. Carefully select new products to market to your list. Always start with a single, hot and in-demand product to gain consistent results. Monitor the most in-demand products on Clickbank and other affiliate product sites. Develop your content around solving certain problems of your readers and tie your affiliate product into your affiliate marketing blog as the logical solution. Generate as much traffic as you can to your blog and be sure to use your squeeze page and autoresponder.

If you already have your affiliate marketing blog setup than you are ready to execute these strategies. Be sure to remove all products such as Google Adsense that will direct your reader away from your content and your blog. If you dispose of any options for your visitors to leave, they will hang out on your site and give you the opportunity establish a relationship with your leads. You can advertise your affiliate links in your emails and they will go straight to your capture pages to purchase the products. Be sure not to add any promotional text in the body of your blog posts.

Use online forums, chat forums, listbuilders, solo ads, Facebook PPC, YouTube PPC, and other forms of paid marketing to increase your list to at least a few hundred contacts. Every time you post a blog, be sure to distribute your new content to as many directories as possible. Create an article based on the content from your affiliate marketing blog. It can be a review or testimonial. The important thing is to make sure you distribute your article to as many directories as possible with a link back to your blog posts. Send your fresh content to your list, social bookmarking sites, and as many blog directories as possible. This will increase your traffic and the number of backlinks to your website. The end result will be that your content will gradually begin to rank higher and higher in the search engines and the income will start to flow to your affiliate marketing blog.

To YOUR Success,

Ken Jones

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