How To Put Together an SEO Proposal

In my line of work I have to generate 2 – 3 brand new Seo proposals and quotations every week. These take time to create. Luckily for me I’ve it down to a fine art now.

Generally the bigger the prospective client is, the more work needs to be put into your pitch. Large clients have large budgets and you’ll need to demonstrate your competence in the field if you want a slice of this spending budget. You’ll need to be able to explain what’s currently going wrong with their web site and how you are planning to remedy it.

The areas that I really feel you’ll need to cover in each and every Search engine optimization proposal are:

1. Quote – Try and get this 1 out of the way on page 1. For me personally, I always quote the bare minimum investment values, under which I will not go. If a company tries to bargain then I nicely ask them to take their work somewhere else. I always give a genuine quotation and never charge a Cent more than what I believe is required for a web site to be a success.

2. Seo Breakdown – This section needs to give a percentage break down of where a search engine optimization budget is going to be invested. It covers five important areas: Discovery 5% Optimization 40% Link Building 40% Landing Page Creation 10% Reporting & Analysis 5%

3. Seo Audit – Give a detailed break down of the negative and positive elements of a site. Every single web site you will review will have various degrees of good and bad search engine optimization elements. Loads of websites I work with will have excellent optimisation but they will have very few back links to power the website up the search rankings. Obviously this type of customer would require much more link building work for their web site than other websites.

4. 5 Essential Areas To Focus On – Here you should list the top 5 search engine optimization elements that have to be focused on. Offer a small description of the current situation and let the client know the exact steps you will take to solve this. The top 5 elements to list out here are normally:

1. Link Building 2. Optimisation 3. Landing Page creation 4. Content Creation 5. Social networking

5. Ranking Analysis – Perform keyphrase research for every client and put together a benchmark ranking report for them to view. This really hits home the message that their internet site is under performing in the natural search results. The search rankings never lie. Many clients will have a notion from Analytics that search engine traffic is their main traffic source. What they often don’t realise is that 80% of their organic traffic is generated through brand name search. A ratio of 4:1 (branded : non branded traffic) is not up to scratch and needs to be fixed. Their Seo tactic will mostly concentrate on targeting the non branded portion of search.

6. Ranking Targets – If you advise the customer to go with a 6 or 12 month Seo strategy then attempt to make precise estimations of what you think is achievable with regards to ranking improvements. For me personally, I do not give specific predictions for specific words. My predictions work off percentages. From their ranking report, aim to increase top 1, 5, 10, and 30 rankings by a certain percentage.

7. Reporting – Provide a short explanation of what the client can be expecting in terms of reporting. List the KPIs that you will be monitoring and the frequency of reporting.

8. Work Experience – Personally, I’ve worked with many of Ireland’s top companies and I want my potential client to understand this. They are hiring an individual with huge practical experience obtaining results in competitive industries and they are paying out very low prices for this. Having been in the business for almost Sseven years now I’ve worked in a large number of different niche markets. If this report is for a new finance client then I list out the financial clients I have worked along with and also list out key ranking achievements I have made in that niche.

That sums up briefly the key areas to focus on in a search engine optimization sales pitch. As I stated before, they take time to develop. This is work that you are not likely to get compensated for, but if you want to hook some huge Seo fish then you’ll need to take time to prepare the right bait.

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