How to Make Money With a Website – 2 Methods

It wasn’t too long ago that the only ways I thought the only way to make money with a websites was selling ads.

I resisted learning more about how to make money with a website simply because I thought selling ads wouldn’t be worth all the hard work that goes into building a high-traffic website.

Wow, was I ever wrong and naive.

But, we all gotta start from somewhere.

Once I dug a little deeper into the question of how to make money with a website, I couldn’t believe the opportunities the internet offered.

What was I doing?

I became interested in internet marketing for my offline business. I needed a website for my business and then I needed to do SEO.

My internet marketing for my small business was a tremendous success so I thought I’d look into how to make money with a website other than my small business websites.

The clincher for me was affiliate marketing. Frankly, selling banner ads and doing Adsense sites didn’t really appeal much to me. I wanted something that I could really leverage and scale up. I immediately recognized that affiliate marketing was an amazing opportunity to make money with a website. There’s more to affiliate marketing than meets the eye

Affiliate marketing really is an umbrella term. To say you’re an affiliate marketer doesn’t really paint much of a picture. There are many types of affiliate marketing options:

* Promote to a list * Review products on a website * Recommend products on a blog * Incorporate affiliate links in banner ads * Place affiliate link ads in Ezines.

As you can see, a website comes into play with most of these affiliate marketing options, but not all of them.

For example, you don’t need to have a website to earn affiliate commissions by placing ads in Ezines.

However, generally having a website is a prerequisite for making money online. For example, building a list is a terrific business model. At the very least you need a web page where you attract subscribers to your list. Other methods for making money with a website include:


You can sell products and/or services from a website. This is a huge online business model.


You can place Google Adsense on your site. When a visitor clicks an Adsense ad, you earn a portion of the cost of that click.

Sell banner ads

I’ve already stated that I’m not a big fan of this option, but it is an option to make money with a website … especially if you attract high volumes of traffic. What’s my favorite method for making money with a website?

Actually, I have two favorite methods and fortunately they go hand-in-hand.

1. I like building in-depth review websites where I promote products as an affiliate. 2. I also like building up a subscribership, a.k.a. list building.

These two methods are the foundation of my online business. Both can be nicely leveraged and are scalable. In other words, once set up and earning, my time and resources required to continue earning is minimal.

Of course, building a list takes a while. It’s a long term project that requires patience. Moreover, when is a list ever done?

Review sites, on the other hand, can be deemed finished (more or less) unless new models of the product-line you’re promoting are released. Plus, you can always add new articles to a review website, regardless which niche you’re in or which product-line your promote.

Together affiliate review websites and list building work nicely together for creating a consistent, leveraged, scalable, and long-term online business with a website.

So, how to make money with a website boils down to choosing a monetization method and then building up the website to successfully earn from that monetization method.

Next, discover this product review template in this guide to building review websites.

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