How to Make Money From Amazon

You might have already heard a lot of e-commerce websites and services that sells a wide variety of physical products online with the help of affiliates. Such websites are likely to produce millions of dollars every year. Amazon is one such site that’s very helpful to make an online living as an internet marketer. And that’s what a lot of people do to earn money as an affiliate as it’s less risky and effortless if approached in the correct manner.

Like mentioned before, amazon enlists a wide range of products like electronics, pet supply, accessories, etc. You can pick one or more products to get started with. The requirements are nothing other than a domain name and hosting as usual, plus the ability to write a 400 words review on the product (that’s the minimum word count) of a good sales page.

So how to find such profitable products to promote with. Just select your category of interest such as ‘home and gardening’ or anything deeper than that. Now sort the product list according the the ‘best sellers’ score. Choose those products with hundreds of reviews and consumer rating more than 4 out of 5. This is to avoid refunds because of the complaints in products, just in case. Now, make sure that the product you have chosen contains some specific things like model name or something like that.

Let me make it clear. If you search for the term LCD TVs, the competition would be extreme. But if you go for ‘Samsung LCD TV’, it will be a bit lower but still not do-able. Again, if you search specifically, like “Samsung UN46C7000 LCD TV”, then you can see that the competition would be too low when compared to the generic phrases but still have a lot of sales per day.

But always make sure that your review mentions a few negatives of the products if any. This is to make your sales page look honest and trustworthy. Now publish them in your website. Use the specific model name of the product in the title of your review since a lot of searches use them in their research and it increases the chance of buying.

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