How to Get Backlinks: The Search Engine Optimization Holy Grail

As substantial as optimizing your website is, everybody knows that getting backlinks is critically valuable for search engine optimization, which really is the most valuable part of search engine marketing. Therefore, if you want your page to be highly ranked on Google (and who doesn’t, really), then you should do your best to get as many high quality backlinks pointing toward your website in order to get higher in Google.

By high quality, I mean ones that contain the conventional anchor text (the words that are underlined in a link) as well as being from a highly ranked website itself. These are pretty much the basics of search engine optimization, so if you are not familiar with this process there are a wide range of free capital available online in order to make sure that you are the best search engine optimization expert that you can be.

Now, on to the meat of it all. The most basic (and the most difficult) way of getting a good backlink to your site is asking for it. This is basic because all you have to do is email, but it’s difficult because you’ll have to have something worth linking to. Remember all the search engine optimization books and their discussion of content? Well, once again, content is key. If you have a lot of useful, interesting information on your page then you can more easily get somebody to link to you than if you have a boring website. If you’re thinking who you should try to get to link to you, simply do some examination. What are the valuable blogs related to your topic? Are there any websites devoted to your business? By getting featured on them you can vastly better your ranking.

Next you should focus on article marketing. Article marketing is the writing articles about the topic you know a lot about and having these articles link to your webpage. This serves two purposes: it provides direct traffic to your website in addition to help get your business higher in Google.

Finally, you should try to get your name out there any way that you can. Commenting on blogs, entering directories, and using social media are all great ways of getting backlinks to your website. Once you have studied these steps you can acknowledge yourself one step closer on your path to becoming a search engine optimization expert. And, considering how valuable search engine marketing is, this is nothing to sneeze at. If however your still having misfortune grasping these techniques, than contact an online marketing firm. Their work is getting you and your business higher in Google, and getting your name out there on the web, on Facebook, and Twitter.

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