How The NHL Uses Twitter For Business Effectively

Generally when someone thinks of a professional hockey team (or any professional team) they don’t initially think of the business behind that team. In the end, the NHL and the teams representing the league operate as a business, because that’s what the teams are at the end of the day-a moneymaking business enterprise. The NHL, knowing that they need to use social media to target the younger audience (and the more technology-savvy older demographic) uses Twitter for business and Twitter PR successfully to market the league to today’s fan base.

If you look at the NHL’s Twitter page, you can instantly see that it is continuously updated. This is the first way to gain a following in the Twitter world. There is a new tweet at least every hour, but generally that is the minimum. Having a place for the fans to go to see constantly updated information is a great way to draw an audience. Everyone loves to see new information, and keeping fans “in the know” and using Twitter PR will keep them coming back to their page.

Besides the rate at which it is updated, the content on the page is just as essential. On the NHL’s Twitter page, they have an abundance of information on not only the league, its schedule, fan contests, and news related to the league, but they have links to articles related to the NHL as well. This is great for the fan that wants to have one place to be updated on the news on the league concisely and in one 140-character tweet as well as the fan that is looking to find an article to read related to today’s NHL news. And anything that gets the fans looking at NHL news, NHL contests, or team schedules posted on the Twitter page means more income for the league. Using Twitter for business by keeping in mind that anything that attracts fans to the site means more income is something that the NHL is aware of.

Pictures of players in NHL (or non-NHL) related situations is another way the league uses Twitter PR to their benefit. Fans respond well to pictures and with one click can see for themselves what the hype is all about. The NHL also re-tweets individual players’ posts, again making the page a one-stop place for NHL news and rumors. Fans can also become a follower of a team or player from the league re-tweeting information. Again, anything that gets a fan to their site is a advantage for the NHL and they use this in a Twitter for business mindset, knowing that the Twitter site is another business tool they can use to gain revenue for the league.

Twitter for business and Twitter PR are tools the NHL uses to attract fans and followers. The league knows what they have to do to keep their information fresh, informative and appealing to their current and possible followers. The NHL Twitter page gets it right on how to use this social media tool to enhance their power over both the casual and die-hard fan base, and in turn, increases their own profitability.

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