How Marketing and Social Media, and Search Engine Marketing Can Give You The Upper Hand

The turn of the century has brought with it much advancement in technology. Not since the industrial revolution has the country, or the whole world experienced anything on this level of change. The largest advance has come in the form of social media, and search engine marketing has redefined the landscape of the country. This is why marketing and social media belong together in the twenty first century.

In the year 2000 nobody could have guessed that the internet would inescapably play a huge role in the way we interact, communicate, shop, live and work. It’s an astounding adjustment since the turn of the century, when the internet was an untapped and relatively little used resource. Now more than half of the population of the human race has more access to internet than they do access to clean living facilities and hospitals.

As well another astounding reality is that over one billion people living on earth right now are on a social media website such as Facebook or Twitter. This is one more reason why marketing and social media need to go hand in hand, thats a lot of people to reach out to. If your business reaches even just 10% of one billion people, thats still one hundred million people. That is still a whole hell of a lot of zeros after a one.

The numbers are in your blessing if you’re in business and wish to market online. It’s also a great way to go global, understanding as how more and more countries are on the internet than there are countries that are not on the internet. So just based on those figures alone, the odds of success are seriously tipped in your favor. That is a lot of people who have access to the internet. The future of your company is in your hands, and you don’t want butter fingers while behind the wheel, do you?

Search engine marketing is also a beneficial way for your company to get it’s feet off of the ground. Everyone needs to get higher in Google, wouldn’t you if you were on the internet? You cannot possibly desire your competition to be higher than you on the worlds most searched search engine, it’s not a good way to do business. As well the average person uses Google at least 10 times during the course of their day. You want to let them know you’re out there.

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