How Fezzik Could’ve Used Web Marketing to Escape His Life of Crime

The cheerily large Fezzik from The Princess Bride, wonderfully portrayed by the late Andre the Giant, didn’t want to be in a criminal gang. All he wanted to do was rhyme each time someone spoke. If he had been able to use a computer, and utilize some web marketing with the help of an online marketing firm, he wouldn’t have had to kidnap the Princess Buttercup and start a war.

Fezzik’s dream was really to rap. Every time someone would speak,, Fezzik would say something back that rhymed. The issue was, every time Fezzik would rhyme, Vizzini would put him down. This led to a notable lack of confidence on Fezzik’s part, surprising for such a large man.

Web marketing could have saved Fezzik’s dream. An astute online marketing firm could have created Fezzik a Facebook page, so he could get some fans, all who would love him, and not hurt him. Fezzik could also get a Twitter account, and utilizing both Facebook and Twitter, have his fans post words for him to rhyme back at them. The confidence building would be stupendous!

Perhaps the best thing that an online marketing firm could do for Fezzik would be to submit him to YouTube. This way, Fezzik could make videos of himself rhyming and upload them. If cute kittens and puppies can attract millions of viewers, surely there is an audience for a sweet rhyming giant? More than one career has been started by YouTube. And at least Fezzik has ability, unlike other former YouTube performers.

Web marketing employs a whole multitude of different tactics to promote their clients. Various sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can be used to showcase a client’s products and services. In the case of Fezzik, the lovable giant from the Princess Bride, he could have made use of web marketing not just to help him further his new career, but to save himself from a life of (unsuccessful) crime.

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