How Do You Use Green Screen Studio?

Green screen studio technology is a method that is used in filming and photography. Filmmakers and photographers use this to create visual effects that enhance the picture or create imagery that is completely new. This type of technology is also known as chroma key technology.

The method originally used blue as the background colour, now green is more commonly used. The two colours were chosen as they provide the best contrast to human skin tones. Green has proven to be better in outdoors filming so has become the standard format.

Television producers first used green screen studio for broadcasting weather reports. The presenter will stand in front of a blank a screen so the image of a map behind them can be changed during the report. The film industry saw the advantages of using such a method and decided to apply it to films.

In the olden days in the film industry, the task of creating really convincing and good special effects was a difficult and complex one. It would a lot of time and human effort and was known as the ‘travelling matte’ method. These days, luckily a lot of the work is dome by computers. RKO Radio Pictures are credited to be pioneers in the field of chroma key technology.

Most of the improvements are based of the advancement of our technology. Professional cameras such as the Canon 5d help in reducing the work that is need normally required in post-production. Some background visuals that are created can now be completely computer generated.

A lot of films nowadays heavily use green screen studio to create scenes. The process allows actors to remain in the studio and be shown with any background some that are all CGI. The method also allows actors that are not in the scene together to appear as of they are in the same place at the same time.

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