How Charlie Sheen Keeps His Online Reputation Up

Why is your online reputation so key? Reputation management in this world is vital, just ask Charlie Sheen. The man is impenetrable, it is hard to stop him. He tells his boss to go to hell, gets sacked, and comes back ten times stronger to get roasted on Comedy Central, taking all the heat, all of the criticism and at the end of the day he’s still standing, he’s still a popular celebrity. Even though everything he’s ever done has shown us all what not to do in life, he’s still ticking. It’s an amazing feat really.

He’s done so many drugs, pharmaceutical businesses want to examine his body to figure out how he’s still good to stand. He’s slept with so many porn-stars, and hookers, it’s astounding he didn’t catch some terrible disease that ended his life after a few months. He’s only in his late forties, and looks like he could be sixty something. The question that is hanging on everyone’s mind is, how on earth does he manage to do it? How can he have his lavish lifestyle, going from riches, to nothing, than back to riches, and just when you think the Sheen episodes are over, he comes back fighting like a lion?

He say’s he has tiger blood, and that might not be a far cry from the truth. He’s not supposed to be living for crying out loud! It’s astounding, honestly. But still, how he manages to maintain his style, his fan base, and not look like the tool bag that belongs in jail is also an amazing feat. One thing that Sheen does that nobody can knock him for his managing his online reputation, and his marketing is beyond reproach. There is nobody else out there who can do what Sheen does day in and day out. It’s not possible, the fact that he can do it himself is amazing.

One should imagine what would happen if him and Kim Kardashian were to ever cross paths. Would that be a clash of two marketing titans? I honest to God think if that were to ever happen, Sheen would come out on top. Kardashian might have fans, and might have media cover, but she’s never done anything. News flash, not that many people keep up with “Keeping up with the Kardashians” but there are many fans of the crazy train Charlie Sheen.

That’s another thing he did well, as a substitute to going out into the world and trying to act like a regular, functional member of society, he did the exact opposite. He said he’s crazy, he took everything and conceded it was all true. His roast commercials had him on a train with Ozzy Osbourne’s song “Crazy Train” playing. It’s just an amazing feat what Charlie has been able to do. Now if he doesn’t mess up his Daughters he might actually have a pretty successful life, but chances are that will not happen. He’s probably a good father to them, you just never hear about it because thats just not Charlie.

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