Hard Data Update on the Google+ Experiment

Google’s lates social experiment (Google Plus) continues to roll out in “limited” beta screening; having said that, it is considered to top out at approximately 18 million registered users as of right now. To find out who the very first adopters are, study agency Experian Hitwise has released fairly new and effective data on just who’s utilizing Google Plus and just how regularly, including visits, census, and utilization styles.

Google+ Visits and Activity

Google has previously confirmed that it has millions of users. Despite that high quantity, Hitwise noted only 1.8 million complete visits per week ago to the Google+ website, which helped Google become the 42nd favorite social networking website, as well as the 638th amongst all U.S. sites, ClickZ noted.

Released on June 28, traffic continuously rose as buzz increased and invites were sent. Traffic apparently peaked between July 5-12, Hitwise noted, with ClickZ confirming that Google had 300,000 visits for 3 days consecutively this summer from July 12-14. July 12 and July 14 were the peak traffic days for Google , based on Hitwise’s reporting.

These targeted traffic estimations seem pretty plausible when coupled with registration estimates. Paul Allen continues to be monitoring Google registrations and he mentioned that a couple weeks ago (for 2 days), a lot more than two million folks registered in one day. Having said that, registrations are really decreasing, with Google calculating 948,000 new customers day-to-day – Google only added 750,000 shoppers on July 18 and 763,000 clients on July 19, based on Allen’s estimations.

Which internet sites does Google rank beneath? As of the first of July, Hitwise documented the best 10 favorite social networks had been: Facebook, YouTube, Meebo, Twitter, Bebo, Yahoo Answers, myYearbook, CafeMom and LinkedIn.

Google Demographics

Who is utilizing Google ? Early figures approximated that males produced up about 75 % of Google users, but that seems to be changing, as Hitwise estimates that 57 percent of Google customers are male.

People between the ages of 25 and 34 (38 percent) visited Google+ most last week, though for the week before that people between ages 18 and 24 (38 percent) visited most often.

Los Angeles, California, New York City, New York, and San Francisco, California were the top markets for Google . “When population differences are factored out, the cities with the most Google visitors per capita are Bowling Green, KY; Portland, OR; Bend, OR; and Presque Isle, ME. College cities indexed extremely well in general, based on Experian Hitwise spokesperson Matt Tatham,” ClickZ reported.

Not surprisingly, early adopters tend “to be far more affluent, over-indexing for those earning a household income of $60k and over, especially $150k and up.”

Google Patterns of Use

Typical time on web page is steadily growing on Google Plus. Users stuck around for just underneath 6 minutes (5 min. 50 sec.) for week ending July 19, as in comparison to just underneath 5 minutes (4:52) for week ending July 12, and beneath three minutes (2:56) for the week ending July 5. Meanwhile, Facebook customers, on average, invested nearly 22 minutes (21:57) on Facebook in any given week.

Google and Gmail sent the most traffic (more than 50 percent) to Google+, with YouTube and Google profiles also contributing – in total, Google properties sent 56 percent of traffic to Google+. Facebook was the third most visited site before Google+. Overall, search engines drove 37 percent of visits.

Experian Hitwise’s data was collected between the dates of June 28 and July 19, 2011.

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