Guide To Writing A Newsletter For Beginners

If you have ever wondered at how a newsletter works, and what their purpose is, you have come to the right place. They differ from newspapers, however, in the sense that this is a letter. It is written to a specific person, for a specific purpose. There are similarities though, both are meant to provide knowledge and both have articles written in the same fashion.

A newsletter is written with a specific purpose in mind. Not to keep your customers abreast with the news, but to keep you abreast with your company’s news. It gives your customers the feeling that you’re always in touch, just around the corner and hence, always there for them. And let’s face it; everyone wants to go to someone with whom they feel most secure. They are an ingenious method to keep your clients coming back for more!

Know that when writing pretty much anything, you need to keep in mind your purpose. Your purpose in this case, is keeping in touch with people by letting them know about what is happening with your organization. You can take this opportunity to slip in a few tempting offers and deals as well. With this in mind, you must keep in mind that you do not want to completely bore them as well. Stick to the point, and more importantly, stick to what they are interested in.

Once you have all the necessary ideas in mind, it’s time to figure out the blueprints. A good structure can make all the difference in the world. Figure out your priorities and list each article or bit of news in order of importance. Now it depends on what you wish to go with but if it is a newsletter to regular customers, you might want to put the more interesting parts at the bottom, so they have to skim through the rest of the article at least.

Decide on a pattern and allocate approximate space for each section, and do not exceed it. The entire structure of your article will change drastically, should you agree to change the size of any one section. It might affect the overall presentation and effectiveness of the letter. Again, it is also possible that it would affect change for the better so by all means go ahead with it if you think it will be beneficial.

Structure is important, but not as important as the actual content. You can have the best layout ever, with absolutely no interesting content and all your hard work will be in vain. An average reader would decide whether or not to read through an article just by looking at the title. Sometimes they wouldn’t even bother at that. The content of your article is your main concern. It must be eye-catching.

Last but not least, remember that your main purpose is, in a way, extended customer service, keeping in touch even when you are not required to. To fulfill that end entirely, try not to exceed your deadlines. Always keep yourself within a ‘safe zone’, so you give yourself a margin of a few days so that you can account for the unexpected.

This trust I speak so much about, is so important because people who trust you will be willing to do business with you, repeatedly. You want to slip in quite a bit of news about any new products or services you have to offer as well. Try not to use monetary figures, but give them links instead. Anyone sufficiently interested will be willing to read further, and that could lead them straight to your website.

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