General PPC Advertising Keyword Tips

A lot of effort poured into advertising will eventually make a website more popular as long as the advertising effectively targets the right areas. Targeting a certain crowd can be difficult if you do not have much knowledge in SEO.

Pay per click advertising is a more direct approach where you can get faster results than using SEO but you still need to use keywords properly if you want to attract the right people without draining your budget.

Pay per click advertising is designed to be risk-free if you know how to manage your budget and invest in the right keyword phrases. Here are some keyword tips that can help you with PPC.

Fast Keyword Research

The Google AdWords keyword tool is a great online tool to use especially if you are using the Google AdWords service for your PPC campaign. Just search for the Google AdWords keyword tool using Google to find the service and paste your website address there. The tool will scan the content of your site and come up with a list of possible keywords that you can use for your PPC campaign.

Take note that not all the keywords will be relevant so you get to choose from the generated list. The nice thing about this tool is that it shows how competitive the keyword phrase is so you can easily avoid those highly competitive entries. The global and local monthly searches are shown so you won’t have to execute the search query for every phrase.

Now that you know how this tool works, take this opportunity to develop more keyword phrases. Your objective is to find keywords that have the best ROI or “Return on Investment”. Don’t limit yourself with the keyword phrases that you see on the list. You have the option to modify these keywords and hope the competition shows a lighter result. You can try adding plural variations of words or make use of hyphens in between words.

If you want to spread even further, see what results different spellings of a word can bring. You can also try using complementary keywords which are basically keywords that are not directly similar to your main keywords but still fall in the same theme. Remember that different people have different search behaviors.

Creating a separate ad group can boost your chances of success even further. This allows you to do advanced targeting through the use of negative keywords. This allows you to prevent your PPC ads from showing up if the keyword phrase contains specific keywords. If done correctly, your clicks will be better spent for the right search engine users.

Even if you are not using AdWords as your main PPC application, keyword targeting is an important skill to practice. Once you get good at it, you can better adjust to the competition if ever search engine trends change. This also means that you should monitor your PPC campaign whenever you have the chance so you can prepare for developing trends.

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