Gaming Sweepstakes And Contest Played Online And In Social Networks

Social media strategy is a fairly new development in the science of modern marketing. The influence of the biggest media such as Facebook and Twitter became apparent to everyone who noticed their use in the recent popular movements in Egypt and Tunisia. And though it couldn’t really be called revolutionary in the same way, gaming sweepstakes and contest played online and in social networks may also change the way the marketing game is played.

What marketing strategists have discovered is that they can reach millions of people in the blink of an eye. Compared to old modes of conducting business, working with these kinds of networks reaches farther, faster and with whole new levels of engagement. Methodology must change along with the game.

Much of the social media community is wary of conventional marketing. Rather than falling for aggressive selling tactics or constant reminders to buy, these online participants value authoritative advice or peer recommendations. What works more effectively is for marketers to build a reputation for trustworthiness over time. Engaging potential customers in a conversation about values makes more sense in this environment.

A most effective way to connect and engage with people using a networking media platform is to offer sweepstakes, games or contests that require participation and sharing. Most people who socialize online stay online for long periods of time. Marketers who can command their attention for large chunks of that are ahead of the game. Promote your brand through a blackjack application on Facebook, for example, and you’ll be spreading your message while friends play against and with each other for hours at a time.

Engaging potential customers with creative and fun contests or sweepstakes has proven to be an effective marketing tool. If those contests have a fun hook or clever gimmick they just might go viral. They can be embedded with features that make them easy to share and also easy to track, so that data about who is playing can be evaluated.

Contests can be designed specifically to be played among friends, with cool prizes that will get everyone buzzing or tweeting. Those winners should be promoted too through the same networking sites they played on in order to keep the conversation going.

Word of mouth has always been the most successful means of the marketing business. That has not changed but it is now being applied on an entirely different scale thanks to Gaming sweepstakes and contest played online and in social networks.

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