Find out how to Find A Good Niche

Finding a great niche is seriously isn’t that hard. The truth is, it is rather easy and all you may want is an easy investigative mind to seek out those niches.

You can apply this for free if you are starting up, however you too can do this by utilizing some great tools like Traffic Travis and Market Samurai. Both tools are great. If you want to test how powerful they are, just use the “trial version” first. To the sake of our discussion, I assume you require it free. Obviously, you don’t want to speculate on something you ought don’t really know if it’ll work.

So, go ahead and drop by Google Adwords Keyword Tool and let’s start your way from there.

Enter your keyword or phrase.

Click “Advanced Options” and set it to “All Countries”.

Enter the anti spam word

Click “Search”

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After you click search, a variety of suggested keywords having their monthly searches appears. From that list, try to pick up related keywords developing a monthly search of 5000 and above. Which means there is a good quality number of people who try to look for it within a month.

But, do not get keywords who has in excess of 30,000 searches a month unless you , yourself are really willing to work way much harder. Having that sort of number and above simply shows that it’s possibly higher competition.

I used possibly for the reason that, it still want to undergo another testing using the Firefox tool called SEO Quake which lets you see how high is your competition for that keyword.

The next step is to implement Website placement Quake. In the beginning, install SEO Quake if you don’t have one. Basically search it over Google. Once installed, you will notice its icon placed at the right side bottom corner of your Firefox. Ensure that it definitely activated.

Now you can test your picked “keywords” by typing your keyword in the search browser enclosed by quotation marks.

To provide an example, your keyword is “dog training”, then you are required to type into Google search box:

“dog training”

Include the quotation mark. Please note that you’re going to have different search results if you will not use a quotation mark.

As soon as, you will see beneath the search results the SEO Quake outcome having its page rankings. Try to get the very first ten ranking by adding all up and dividing it into ten.

Please note the meaning of the results.

1 – Good keyword, you might have much less competition.

2 – Still a high-quality keyword, but the competition is a little stiff.

3 – Keyword has a little high competition but still workable.

4 – Keyword competition is really high.

5 and up – Keyword is way too much and also you won’t doubtless out do your competition.

Pick only the keywords from 1-3 but make sure to concentrate first when using the 1?s. In in this way, it will likely be much more straightforward for you to get to some of the best of the search outcome for all those keywords in comparison with keywords having 4 and up page ranks.

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