Fervent Slander Defamation Repair

Are you the victim of false Internet libel, slander, defamation of character? Top-Dog.org knows it may have taken a lifetime to build your good reputation and a day to destroy it Online. You have found this article because you already know how important it is to keep libellous accusations down the search results so that people see your honesty and integrity.

So, what are your choices to reclaim your integrity and protect your reputation from here on out? Our research shows three choices for your Internet reputation repair:

1) Do nothing about the libel slander on the Internet

You may hope that the slander and defamation may disappear on it’s own. Well, that only depends on how much libel slander is taking place on the Internet about you or your brand. The negative accusations may be temporary, and may slide down the search rankings on their own, after a lot of time has passed.

What you must decide is the degree in which the libel slander defamation is effecting your relationships and career. It is still doubtful that you will rest easy while waiting months for this to happen, so it’s probably not a good choice.

2) Sue for defamation

In this litigious society, this sounds like an reasonable option. There are things to consider here however, such as, can you handle the stress court proceedings bring, and do you have deep enough pockets for attorney fees? What if the accusers don’t have two pennies to rub together? If they do, it can work, again how long before the court orders the the removal of the Online defamation content?

In the time you are waiting for your defamation suit to work, you still may go out of business or have lost promotions, employment, etc. So again, not the best route to fight against the defamation. It may work well as part of your attack against the defamation online.

3) Libel slander Internet reputation repair

The Top-Dog.org Internet reputation protection methods are to write and submit a large amount of unique, quality articles to be submitted to hundreds of directories. These articles exclaim the best features of your products and/or values re-fraiming them in a good light. This content can then push the libel slander content down the search results.

This is an ongoing process that can have rather quick results. The process of reputation repair must be ongoing so that articles can continually be written using the keywords your enemies are using. These articles will out rank the negative slander defamation content that has been published. This process must not stop until the defamation of character accusations stop…which may be never.

Get your FREE Top-Dog.org scam accusation cleanup and Internet reputation repair analysis by calling us today at (800) 825-9500, or visit Top-Dog.org and research the best Top-Dog.org scam accusation cleanup and reputation repair package for your needs.

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