Crexendo Participates In Contests Intended For Young Businesspeople

Crexendo is involved in search engine optimization programs designed for businesses of varying sizes throughout the globe. This means that they use a variety of techniques to increase the chances of a website appearing on a list of search results when someone enters relevant keywords into a search engine. Their programs also extend to website creation and design and SEO training for employees of client companies. Alongside their business ventures, they sponsor different contests among college students for website design.

One contest sponsored at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City was a chance for students there to try their hand at designing a website. Even individuals with minimal ability in website creation could join the contest. The students needed to be full-time students with a full class load. As the students were so busy, their accomplishments are even more impressive. As part of the contest, the U of U students boosted the income of their own businesses and those who created a website from whole cloth found that they could begin making money from those websites. In the case of certain businesses, revenue became higher even though these companies had never used the internet for marketing pre-contest.

The students who participated in the contest were given free access to the company’s website design software, which is used by their website designers and hosted and maintained by the company. When the contest moved to another campus in Utah, BYU, the rigor of the competition was demonstrated when only seventeen out of seventy teams managed to get their projects in on time. This makes sense, as website design can be a more taxing process than people realize. The remarkable thing about this individual contest was that of these seventeen teams, thirteen of them were able to turn a profit before the deadline for the contest.

When students are able to show what they are capable of in a forum like this Crexendo contest, it is a wonderful way for potential employers to evaluate fresh talent and to show the power of their technological prowess.

There is more to the contest that just the satisfaction of winning, there’s also a cash prize. It’s probably not a major stretch of the imagination to believe that similar contests are forthcoming.

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