Crexendo Has Developed A Brilliant Concept For College Students Be In A Web Design Contest

This company Crexendo is preparing great things for college students all over the country; they are very laudable for everything that they are trying to do. When it comes to their online presence they have worked very carefully to get where they are today. It wasn’t easy to get where they are and look at them now with a net worth of 65 million dollars; it doesn’t look like they plan on stopping anytime soon. Not too many companies can pull off such a feat in the way they represent themselves as well as other companies.

Crexendo has a great online service and are becoming very well known for: SEO and SEM services, E commerce and web design. This company has helped so many other companies along the way to achieve the goals and the dreams of using the internet for their businesses and making them succeed. As far as web search engines are concerned, they are on the top of the results for Google, Bing, Yahoo and have been ranked 7 worldwide.

Naturally, when people heard that Crexendo was the one who came up with this wonderful idea of helping students in college get more hands on experience through a web building competition, everyone was interested. So far they have gone into 4 major colleges to work their magic: Biola, Cal State-Fullerton University, BYU and Utah University; more will be visited over the next few years. This competition will be introduced in more and more schools so that as many students as possible can take advantage of this special type of learn as you earn training.

You never know if this is going to be an offer that will come about again, so make sure that you get in on the excitement; this is going to be quite an experience that will benefit you for a lifetime. When you sign up for this competition you will be required to spend many hours preparing a website that not only will be there for people to see, but you also need to have it generate sales and have people actually buy from your site. Keeping all of this in mind is what will determine who will win; the best site will be picked and declared the winner once the competition is over.

The next step, after this whole process of competitions are over, they may be offering a learning tools class that will grant a certificate so that young adults can be armed with knowledge to help them in their future. This will be a great program for helping students into the right business path after graduation. After all, isn’t that what the Internet is all about, business?

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