Cool Portal for Getting Free Stuff

Not too long ago I came across an interesting site purporting to have a listing of thousands of products, meals, etc. that you can get for free, called Freebie Force. I was understandably skeptical but I figured it was worth a look. I signed up for the pre-enrollee tour and browsed what the site had to offer. The first thing I looked for was discounted meals. I usually drop some pretty good money taking the family out to dinner on the weekends so any discounts or freebies there would help me alot. I saw everything from a free $20 gift certificate to McCormicks Seafood to free appetizers at Maggianos to a free McGriddle Sandwich at McDonalds. I poked around a little more at their Featured Freebies section and found a free bluetooth headset and a free wireless FM adapter (so you can play your MP3s on your car stereo), just to mention a few. I highly recommend you take the free tour, poke around, kick the tires. See if there isn’t something you could be getting for free.

So I know you’re asking, how much is this huge list of freebies going to cost me? I was asking myself the same question. Surprisingly, it’s only $9.95/month. You could easily make that up by getting just a couple of free products that you would have otherwise spent your own money on.

At this point I was pretty impressed with the price and the list of freebies but I wanted to know how I could make some money with this program. They have a forced 5×7 matrix which pays $1 dollar per month for each person in your matrix 7 levels down. A buck doesn’t sound like much, I know, but if even a few of those seven levels get filled you could be looking at some pretty good monthly income.

Even if you’re not really interested in the business opportunity the constantly updated list of freebies seems like a deal to good too pass up.

==> To get a ton more info/details, click here now to take the free no obligation tour.

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