Celebrities Who Need a Social Media Management and Online Marketing Crash Course

We have all seen it at some point-celebrities who use social media sites, like Twitter, in a way that makes them seem either self-serving, crazy, or a blend of the two. These celebrities clearly haven’t grasped what makes them look bad to the rest of the world. These famous people need to understand why hiring a social media management firm (or, at least, someone who has a working know-how of online marketing) would be a smart idea.

The first person is someone who was thrust into the spotlight even further than he already was by an ill-advised tweet-Ashton Kutcher. Ashton, no stranger to the Twitter world, decided to take his thoughts about the Joe Paterno firing and sex abuse scandal to the public. After the backlash and bad press it created, Kutcher apologized on his personal blog and Twitter account. Still, the damage had already been done-in one 140-word tweet. Ashton eventually decided that he would have Katalyst Media take over as his social media management firm, which, for him, was a clever move, even if his fans were ultimately disappointed that his tweets wouldn’t be coming from the man himself.

The next person in the public eye, Aaron Voros, may not be a celebrity to most people-he is a hockey player playing on the NY Rangers farm team, the Hartford Whale. Back in 2010, Voros, a Twitter addict, tweeted a picture of a better-known Ranger, Henrik Lunqvist, sunbathing in the Hamptons along with part of the goaltender’s cell phone number. I imagine that the tongue-lashing Voros got from his buddy was just one consequence, but unrelated or not, Voros was traded away from the team soon after. He deactivated his Twitter account for some time, but today it’s up and running. Voros should possibly take some pointers from Ashton Kutcher and hire a social media management or online marketing firm to at least monitor his social media accounts so he doesn’t get himself into the same hot water he already did.

Congressman Anthony Weiner is possibly the single best illustration of the ultimate social media fail. It seems like an obvious gaffe for a congressman to even have a Twitter account that isn’t managed by a company that specializes in social media management, but that wasn’t even Weiner’s first gaffe. The disgraced congressman tweeted a lewd picture of himself on his account, which was of course seen by the public. He was forced to step down from his position as a result-like Kutcher and Voros, the case in point picture of how one tweet can cause major repercussions.

Celebrities’ using social media deficiency seems to be the wave of the future. It’s almost guaranteed that more people in the public eye will use their social media account to do themselves more damage that good. And when they do, you can count on social media management companies with know-how in online marketing to swoop in and try to undo the gaffe that these famous people wouldn’t know for themselves not to make.

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