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Protect Yourself From Identity Theft With RoboForm

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

RoboForm may be one of the most useful, time saving tools I’ve found to date on the internet. I can’t count the number of times I’ve lost or forgotten a username or password to a site that I needed access to. Nothing is a bigger pain. RoboForm eliminates that problem. It remembers all of your passwords and enters them automatically when you need them. All you have to do is remember one main password that you enter at the beginning of the day. Once that password is entered, RoboForm takes care of the rest. It’s a huge time saver! It’s amazing how much smoother things go when the sites you need are logged in a ready to go at the press of a button. RoboForm creates a Login list similar to a “Favorites” list in your browser. When you want to get logged in to a site, simply click the site on the list and RoboForm loads the site and logs you in automatically. Incredibly slick.

RoboForm even remembers other pertinent information about you such as address, phone numbers, etc. It makes entering forms for online shopping lightning quick.

So, I know you are asking “what about security?” I was wondering the same thing when I first starting using it. RoboForm completely encrypts your passwords so they simply cannot be accessed without your key. Plus it has a password generator that generates super-strong passwords that no-one could ever guess. For example, instead of using your birthday (or something else easy to guess) as the password for your bank account, RoboForm will generate a password like 90tLy$xzS. Let some hacker try to crack that. And of course, RoboForm remembers it for you. You can even transfer your encrypted password file to a USB flash memory stick for use on multiple computers. It automatically syncs up with no install required.

Another great feature is that there is a totally FREE version. Download and try it out FREE. You can even keep a limited version and continue using it for FREE after the 30 day trial.

==> Click here to give it a try, this might just be my favorite internet tool.