Build your Reputation: Build your Resume

Not sure which resume format to use for your web marketing resume? It can be a complex process. If your work history is not very strong and/or you have gaps in your work history then the best resume format for your environment may be the functional resume format.

The functional resume format is different from the chronological resume format in that it concentrates on skills rather than experience. This is finalized by grouping the resume according to skill categories rather than listing your work history first. Like the chronological resume format, the functional resume layout will begin with an objective statement.

This is where you reveal the goals that you hope to accomplish and how you believe your skills will help the employer accomplish their goals as well. In place of a longer objective statement, you may also choose to instead write an activity title on your functional resume. This could be a significant move in your web marketing career. This could be significant to your reputation management. This could be really important if you want to work for a marketing firm.

Another area you may also wish to integrate on your functional resume is a summary of qualifications. Many people choose to use this section first on their resume to show the employer exactly what skills they have and how those skills pertain to the open position. This can be a solid way to catch the employer’s attention and help your resume to stand out from the crowd. This could give you a good review in social media. This would be more important for you than some blog writing could get you. This would be great for your online reputation.

One area that you need to be sensible of when using a functional resume format is blank space. While you certainly do not want to have a resume that is too lengthy, you should be sure of when you are writing a functional resume that it does tend to lend itself to blank spaces more than the chronological resume format. If you find that you do have many blank space on your resume then you might choose to use a combination resume format, which is a combination of the functional resume format and the chronological resume format.

With the hybrid resume format, you place your work history at the end of the resume. You should also make sure that you list any educational achievements or degrees that you have on your resume as well. In addition, if you have attained any special accomplishments, such as certifications or licenses then you should list those on your resume. When used carefully, a functional resume format or even a combination resume format can be the perfect choice for your particular situation and to help you meet your employment goals online reputation.

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