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If you spend any time advertising through blogs, which scores of of us are, you understand the significance of having your content found on the net. In attempting spread the word out with reference to the Real Estate Lead Generation Software served through RedX and have learned a impressive amount with reference to search engine optimization in the process. What you must to appreciate is that your blog post is only the initial step in the procedure. The steps following your post will truly determine your level of achievement in attracting traffic and subsequent real estate leads to your blog.

Attracting Real Estate Leads Through SEO Steps

Let’s face it. Any time you spend crafting a blog is an investment in marketing. With this in mind, your return on investment is based upon how many people actually notice your blog With this in mind, your biggest return will be from the blog posts that are search engine optimized.

The first step in the writing procedure should always be choosing a objective keyword. Once you have decided on a topic, use a few minutes on google to see how viable the phrase you are focusing on will be. To see the level of rivalry, look next to the search box for the search results data. As an example, the competitive information for the term “attract real estate leads is “Results 1 – 10 of regarding 4,230,000 for interest real estate leads. (0.55 seconds)” Since this post is competing with over four million other entries, it is unlikely to rank high on the search phrase “attract real estate leads.” For that reason, optimizing it for that term may be somewhat futile and I should perhaps optimize this post to a less competitive phrase such as “listing leads for Realtors”, or even “GRAR” which only has one million competitors.

After choosing what you will write about, draft your article using the target expression in the text. Include the expression as part of your header tags as well as your subhead Back to our illustration, the phrase Attract Real Estate Leads is in the tag of this article.

Now Start Your Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

This is the approach that I am now using to promote the RedX markdown page.

* Ping your entry using a pinging tool to numerous websites. is a good instrument for this

* Use an article rewriting tool to create multiple unique versions of your article. Unique versions are required so that every syndicated site that posts your post is counted as a unique back link to your real estate blog. I now use Magic Article Rewriter as my instrument of choice.

* Tender your unique article to as many article directories as possible. I use two resources concomitantly for this. The first is UniqueArticleWizard, the second is Magic Article Submitter. Both tools allow you to syndicate your article across the web over time which slowly increases your links and your search engine rank. Their actual sales pages are pretty cheesy, but the tools work great.

* Bookmark the post to StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicous, and the rest of the bookmarking sites. If you are using a WordPress, Orlywire has an attractive tool that allows you to automatically bookmark your post to your accounts.

* If you haven’t submitted your RSS feed to the many feed readers, then now is the time to do so.

* Put a copy of your article or post on your social networks.

All of the above sounds like a lot of work, and it does take concerning an hour to complete all of the steps. However, where you may appeal to one or two real estate leads from the post alone, you can now expects a few hundred more people to find you from your search engine optimization activities.

Interest more listing leads through GRAR and MRMLS as well as through FSBO prospecting. Real Estate Software is available to help you succeed in real estate.

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