Blending Social Media Management and Marketing

I use Facebook for a range of uses. Between connecting with my far away friends, checking up on what’s going on throughout the week, playing Castleville, and the usual hour or two spent stalking, I probably spend more time than I should on social media. Let’s not even get started on what I do with my Twitter. But there’s a lot more to social media than photos of your friends’ kids and poking. By taking advantage of the opportunities of social media management that a social media agency offers, you can use Facebook and Twitter to promote your business.

One thing to consider is using an online marketing platform. They can do a variety of social media related roles for you. It makes it easier to manage the number of accounts you might have, ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn, if you can do it all in one program. Depending on which one you work with, you can explore different paths to web marketing as well. I personally recommend the following three:

1. Sprinklr is a social media management platform that is perfect for social media agency usage, along with consumer or B2B businesses. Their big selling point is how easily they break down marketing information into a science. It gives you numbers in a readable format, making it simple to understand the strong points in your social media plan, while revealing the chinks and how they can be resolved. Some of their fundamental features include social media audience research, measurement tools, acquisition, and content promotion.

2. Sprout Social’s most appealing feature is how affordable they are for the numerous tasks they can accomplish for social media management. It’s easy to use as well, whether you’re looking to monitor your different accounts to managing contacts established through social media. You can set up either daily or weekly e-mail updates to explain performance metrics and how your web marketing campaign is doing. It at this point supports Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and Yelp.

3. Shoutlet is my final suggestion, but it’s by no means any lesser than the other two mentioned. In fact, this platform has its own distinctive features that are great for social media management. With their primary focus on building, engaging, and measuring social media, they have mobile features, help run Facebook e-commerce, and set up email marketing. Using any of these platforms, or the hundreds of others out there, is worth the investment. Just choose the right one for your business.

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