Benefits of Submitting Articles to Article Directory

One of the proven methods for marketing a website is article submission. Create a well thought out article about the business you are trying to market and submit the article to article directories across the web. When others read you article, if it is well written, they will come to your website to see what services or products you are offering.

If you write an article that you have researched carefully and spent alot of time ensuring it was accurate and thorough any one reading that article is going to know you are an expert on that subject. That person is going to want to know more about you and your services or products and will have gained a trust in you as an expert.

Article marketing can be extremely powerful. When you write an article and submit it to article directories you will include a link back to your website. Many article directories will allow you to create backlinks within the article as well. You should take advantage of this opportunity. People will click on those links and find your website increasing the amount of traffic to your website.

Therefore, not only do people come to your website after reading your articles, you obtain a back link to your site which in itself increases traffic to your website.

If you are limited with time and need a fast approach for submitting articles use Unique Wizard since it will submit to over 1000 websites and at the same time create different versions of the articles. Do not be fooled by some of the other programs out there that will destroy your well written article by not submitting different version properly. Do your research on these programs. There are lots of them and as long as they create separate versions of the same article properly they will allow many backlinks back to your website.

Once articles are submitted to a program that disburses articles out to the web, the articles can and do get published many many times over and over. The articles should all contain your name as the author of the article and a link back to your website. Eventually this creates many back links and traffic increases.

This method of marketing has been done for many many years and its effectiveness has never changes provided you use a program that properly sends out those articles. Other SEO methods have proved to be fruitless but not article marketing.

It is also very important to do on page SEO for your website which involves keywords, meta tags, etc. If you combine both the article marketing and the on page SEO you will be ahead of the game with getting your site up in the rankings.

Keywords are also very important. You will need to have many relevant keywords on your website and in your articles. Most importantly ensure that when you create your hyperlink in your articles linking back to your website that the link is created with a keyword. As an example, if you are selling cars then you would have a keyword for the word “cars” which links back to your website. Google will see that backlink and it will send people to your website that are searching the keyword “cars”. The more specific your keyword the better.

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