Bead Bracelets for the Faculty of McKinley High School

The girls of New Directions aren’t the only ones who are anticipating Valentine’s Day. Some of the female employees at McKinley can expect beads or bead bracelets this Valentine’s Day. Since their significant others make noticeably more money, the bracelets might be complete. Or maybe not, depending on the man who buys it.

1. Emma Pilsbury – Newly betrothed to Will Schuester, Emma can expect to get a bracelet with relationship beads on it. There is a vast variety to choose from, including engagement rings. Perhaps, in a bit of ingenuity, Will can get her beads of their birthstones, signifying their new relationship status.

2. Coach Beiste – A newlywed herself, the lovable football coach who also happens to be a music aficionado most likely could find herself the recipient of a bracelet of sports beads. Beads which show off music and the arts are also a good bet, if you’re paying attention Cooter Menkins. Coach Beiste might have a shiny new wedding ring but a shiny bracelet would really be nice too.

3. Shelby Corcoran – Although she may not be expecting it, perhaps her one time love interest Noah Puckerman would get her a bracelet. As a mother, there are plenty of choices for her. If Puck decides he still wants to be with the adoptive mother of his biological daughter, there are a vast multitude of beads which signify family to choose from. He can afford to get her a whole bracelet, as that pool cleaning business is very lucrative.

No matter the beads that the men of Lima, Ohio pick out, the faculty of McKinley High School can hope for some pricey bling this Valentine’s day. Although few things will contend with Miss Pilsbury’s new engagement ring or Coach Beiste’s wedding ring, some shiny bead bracelets will be be spotted in the halls of McKinley High School next month.

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