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Article marketing has many benefits. The saying that content is still king rings true now more than ever. Article marketing is the process of creating content and publishing it on multiple website or blogs. The purpose of article marketing may be to establish yourself as an expert in a particular subject area or to promote a product.

Getting started with article marketing is easy to do and can pay huge dividends. Many individuals use article marketing to improve search engine rankings, to inform, or to pitch products and services they sell. Regardless of your purpose, consider using article marketing as a great way to build a loyal following.

More and more information available online is from disreputable sources and has varying degrees of accuracy. Simply said, some information is complete junk. When you write your articles, make sure to provide references and accurate information about your subject matter. You will build a loyal following and become a trusted source of information.

Here are a few basic steps to article marketing success.

Research your niche. Before you begin any writing whatsoever, start by finding a niche that is popular and that you feel you can write about. It should be something you enjoy. If you are not interested in a particular area, it will be difficult to enjoy the process of writing articles.

Create a writing plan. How are you going to approach your article marketing campaign? Are you going to write a ton of articles in a single sitting and only focus on article marketing for a short period of time? Article marketing is most effective when it is done consistently over a long period of time. Put a schedule together that you can easily follow for writing and distributing articles to major article directories.

Write your article. Write and article on your subject that includes the specific keywords you seek to optimize for. Your article should be between four to seven hundred words. It all depends on the intent and purpose of the article. After you write your article make sure you proof it for spelling and grammatical errors.

Submit to article directories. Make sure that you are submitting you completed articles to a number of popular article directories. You want your article to be posted on as many third party websites as possible. Start with the most popular directories like and work down the list. Focus on those with a high Google PR and then move to those which are less popular.

Article marketing is a popular and effective means of achieving expert authority. The most important aspect of effective article marketing is the clear understanding of your desired outcome. Once you have a goal in mind, put together your plan and work towards it. The benefits of article marketing will become very apparent to you in no time at all.

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