Advertising online: A Career in Reputation Management

When a business major graduates and enters the real world there are little roads to travel on and even less to choose from these days. When considering job options, a college student that understands the concept of marketing and comprehends advertising online, there is a possible future in reputation management for that student. Handling a company reputation is more vital to the marketing world than seriously anticipated.

The marketing world was on no account an option when I was looking for occupations. I always enjoyed the advertising online that made me laugh but never thought I could do that for a job. When I was introduced to a occupation in reputation management, I was lost and had no clue as to what that even meant. Reputation management sounds like something that the president would use.

Reputation management can be stretched to mean quite a few things. Obviously, reputation management handles reputation based topics but when to use reputation management is another issue. When considering reputation management for advertising online, any advertisement posted should reflect the best side of a business.

Advertising online is vital to a company success for two reasons. First, good advertisement brings in revenue and second, good advertisement that is enjoyed by latent clients can bring revenue and clients. Reputation management falls into the realm of advertising online for the simple reason that what you advertise reflects your corporation. If the product looks good, your corporation looks good.

Finding a job that best fit my strengths makes me feel that college was not a waste after all. I by no means thought I would ever be doing reputation management for anyone. I never thought that online advertising was that much in depth. After discovering the potential of a job in advertising, I think I will stick with this occupation choice until something better comes along; I don’t think that is going to happen though.

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