A Primer On Writing PPC Ad Copy

Maybe you have experienced the frustration of composing PPC ads? In case you are not positive of the best way to go about it, then don’t worry simply because you happen to be not alone! We’ll cover a number of the far more critical items as it pertains to writing winning ad copy for PPC. The tactics beneath can raise your on-line exposure no matter whether you are attempting to market a single article optimized for “mario badescu acne kit” or perhaps a high-traffic weblog geared toward those interested in “Paper Dioramas”.

Get in Your Customers’ Shoes: Making the effort to think like your target audience will help you convince them to click on your ad and take some action. You need to keep the preferences of your target audience is mind while writing ad copy. When you’re clear about who you’re targeting, the next thing you need to consider is how you would target them with your ad. If you’re selling golf clubs, for example, then your ideal customers are golfers looking for new clubs. While creating your ad, keep the specific needs and wants of your prospect in mind.

You may be amazed at the power of “free” in an ad, but beware because you will be a freebie magnet. But if your offer is truly free, then by all means use it in your ad copy but just be aware of the quality of people you get. Your conversion rates will probably be higher, but think about the money you will be spending. When you’re utilizing a platform such as Google AdWords for your PPC campaign, it’s really important that you make yourself different from the competition, because ultimately your returns depend on how many clicks convert to a sale/lead.

Use Facts: If you can support your ad copy with some known facts then there’s nothing like it. Because people like facts, using them makes it easier to garner their trust. So if your product has already sold a thousand copies – then mention that in your ad copy to make it more effective and genuine. Doing this helps prove to others that what you’re offering really works.

Ultimately strong ad copy is what makes the difference between success and failure so it’s essential to being able to write it. While the above tips aren’t rocket science, they do require action and commitment to get it right.

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