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The Giants Dont Need Online Marketing Or Social Media Management, They Have Eli Manning!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The world of Football has been turned upside down and inside out! The New York Football Giants are headed once again to the Superbowl to do battle with a new arch nemesis, the New England Patriots! With this post season being a huge accomplishment for big blue, their social media management and online marketing have been thru the roof in a crusade for the coveted Lombardi Trophy!

Bring the Lombardi Trophy home boys, New York is where it belongs! With this extremely well managed post season behind us, and Eli taking a trip to big brothers home city, Indianapolis, to combat non other than Tom Brady, Peyton’s arch nemesis as well. Since 2001, it’s been Peyton chiefly who’s had the numbers, but it’s been Brady who’s won the rings and beaten Peyton at his own game. The thing is, this season, Peyton has been out and a big spot light and question mark hung over Eli Manning’s head.

Man oh man has little brother proven to the world that big brothers shadow is silly. The Giants season had rested completely upon his shoulders, with all of the injuries that had plagued both the offense and defense, Eli Manning stood like a beacon of hope in the eyes of both players, and fans alike, and he stood tall and true. With the help of wide receivers and tight ends such as Victor Cruz (an Instant fan favorite, especially with his copyrighted Salsa dance) Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Bear Pascoe, Jake Ballard, and Travis Beckum, and the return of Ahmad Bradshaw, and Brandon Jacobs doing what he does best, it’s really no surprise.

There are still noted Giants injuries headed into the Superbowl, for instance defensive backs Terrell Thomas, and Justin Tryon, two important starters that have been out all season. Jonathan Goff has also been out all season, as well as Clint Sintim at line backer. As well the loss of tackle Will Beaty has been hard to swallow, but David Diehl and Kareem McKenzie have done a great job so far at protecting their Quarterback Eli Manning. As well another issue is concerning center David Baas, and his injury concerns and whether or not guard Kevin Boothe will be able to take his place if needed during the Superbowl.

Adore them, or loath them, the New York Football Giants have done what no other team that has been this injured has been able to do. Win their division at 9-7, go on a success streak, beat teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Green bay Packers, and San Francisco 49ers to make it to the rematch of the century in Superbowl 46. This season has rested on the shoulders of Eli Manning, and astonishing Giants coach Tom Coughlin, and both have come thru for Big Blue in the end to get us to a place that only one other 9-7 team has been able to do. Here comes the Superbowl!

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Search Engine Marketing, Business, and Other Service Sector Type Jobs Dominate U.S. Labor

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The American economy is a “how can I help you?” not a “what can I make you?” economy. Marketing and social media, search engine marketing, retail, banking, consulting, legal, and other service sector jobs are the foundation of the modern American labor system. Although manufacturing has not disappeared completely it lives in the shadows of the service industry. Television commercials exemplify this reality all day. Nearly all television ads we view are for lawyer, health care, marketing, consulting, repair, recreation, and transportation services. What they all have in common is the “what can we do for you?” aspect. The other end of television advertising is pushing products and goods that were manufactured abroad. Most of the electronic devices, cars, household appliances, clothing, accessories, and durable goods that Americans purchase are manufactured in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

In 2010 forty-seven percent of American work opportunities were in management and business. Management and business are vague terms that include a multiplicity of jobs across the service sector spectrum. Online marketing and social media services have been one of the fastest growing business industries in America over the past ten years. The rise of internet accessibility and mobile technology has created an entirely new niche in labor and employment. Search engine marketing professionals and social media gurus did not exist in the 1990s but are incredibly widespread today.

In the nineteenth century America was mainly a manufacturing and producing country. Textile and durable good manufacturers employed a great portion of the available American labor force. Antebellum Americans produced most of the goods that they bought and used for their daily lives. Most clothing, furniture, tools, and appliances were made in the U.S.A. and manufacturing was a mainstay of the American economy. But after the Civil War the social and economic landscape started to morph. Industrial textile and agricultural machinery aided manufacturers to produce more goods quicker and with a smaller workforce. Displaced workers trekked from farms and rural communities to the cities in search of new kinds of employment. These new apartment dwellers grew into the new American middle class.

The positive trend in service sector employment was directly correlated to the rise of the American middle class. The bedrock of the service sector was middle-class employment at department stores, restaurants, cafes, hotels, grocery stores, transportation companies, and business offices. Urban immigration and the rise of a middle class led to the advent of the department stores and office buildings where most of these people worked. The urban landscape shifted as the social and economic landscape evolved. The service industry out competed the manufacturing industry by mid-twentieth century. Demand for doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other white-collar professionals was greater than the demand for miners, steel-workers and textile laborers.

Today that trend towards the service sector and away from the manufacturing sector perseveres albeit not as steadily. The American service industry is stuffed with fast food restaurants, movie theaters, brand clothing stores, shopping malls, marketing and social media providers, mobile phone and internet services, electronic stores, repair businesses, and medical and legal assistants, just to name a very few. The latest addition to the industry has been positions related to search engine marketing and marketing and social media. The world wide web is the epitome of what the service industry is all about. The internet does not construct physical products or goods. The internet provides a forum for sharing, communicating, and trading ideas, knowledge, and media.

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How Marketing and Social Media, and Search Engine Marketing Can Give You The Upper Hand

Monday, January 30th, 2012

The turn of the century has brought with it much advancement in technology. Not since the industrial revolution has the country, or the whole world experienced anything on this level of change. The largest advance has come in the form of social media, and search engine marketing has redefined the landscape of the country. This is why marketing and social media belong together in the twenty first century.

In the year 2000 nobody could have guessed that the internet would inescapably play a huge role in the way we interact, communicate, shop, live and work. It’s an astounding adjustment since the turn of the century, when the internet was an untapped and relatively little used resource. Now more than half of the population of the human race has more access to internet than they do access to clean living facilities and hospitals.

As well another astounding reality is that over one billion people living on earth right now are on a social media website such as Facebook or Twitter. This is one more reason why marketing and social media need to go hand in hand, thats a lot of people to reach out to. If your business reaches even just 10% of one billion people, thats still one hundred million people. That is still a whole hell of a lot of zeros after a one.

The numbers are in your blessing if you’re in business and wish to market online. It’s also a great way to go global, understanding as how more and more countries are on the internet than there are countries that are not on the internet. So just based on those figures alone, the odds of success are seriously tipped in your favor. That is a lot of people who have access to the internet. The future of your company is in your hands, and you don’t want butter fingers while behind the wheel, do you?

Search engine marketing is also a beneficial way for your company to get it’s feet off of the ground. Everyone needs to get higher in Google, wouldn’t you if you were on the internet? You cannot possibly desire your competition to be higher than you on the worlds most searched search engine, it’s not a good way to do business. As well the average person uses Google at least 10 times during the course of their day. You want to let them know you’re out there.

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Making Beads From Fabric

Monday, January 30th, 2012

The technique of making beads from fabric involves taking scraps of material, fibers, threads, etc. and washing the bundle in the washing machine or by hand and then putting everything in the dryer where the material/fibers would get tangled. This is a fun way to use beads aside from the usual bead bracelets and necklaces.

After washing and drying, take a small amount of the tangled material, roll into a small, tight ball, pin in place to hold everything together, and then stitch the material until a tight bead was formed. Once this is complete, the bead can be embellished with seed beads.

First what you do is cut a few scraps of fabric into very, very thin strips. The goal is to have lots of threads hanging off the fabric. The trick is to have the material in very thin strips (as close to 1/4″ as you can.)

Rather than pinning the fabric/fiber into a bead shape, you can use a temporary adhesive spray (used by quilters to hold paper pattern pieces to fabric) which will do a wonderful job of holding the fabric pieces together while the ball is formed.

Once the bead is tightly sewn together, it might seem near impossible to get the wire through the bead, but don’t worry. Working your way around the bead, use colored thread to stitch the strips of material tightly together. This way if the stitches show, you could claim it is part of the design.

After the bead is stitched tightly, you can have fun embellishing the bead. It’s fun to use metallic threads of various colors which can be wrapped around and stitched through the bead. You can finish up by sewing little beads all around the bead. I have to admit, it can a labor-intensive project and take a few hours to complete, but the results are worth it!

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How To Make Money Online In The Year 2012

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Well, the term “make money online” is one of the search phrases with the highest number of competing pages in Google’s and Yahoo’s search results. This is more than enough evidence to understand how tough this niche would be for a beginner to start everything from scratch. Unless you know the downfalls of it, there are chances for you to end in disaster than making money online.

Which categories are not suitable for you as a beginner? Understand that first. Incentive programs are one such things to avoid. You might have heard a lot of ‘get paid to complete offers’. These are incentive programs that give you anywhere between a few cents to tens of dollars if you complete an offer. If you are not from USA, UK or Canada, then there’s no scope actually.

And thus it’s a usual practice to go for the lightest but quickest money making methods available on the net. And what happens is they reach at such a promising niche and start working on it but the reality is they are working on something which is soon going to e extinct.

One such niche is the get-paid-to offers and similar ones. Though they may look promising as an opportunity to make real quick cash at least to satisfy the immediate needs, they truly end up to be a wastage of time unless you have a lot of referrals under your downline. With that said, even if you are looking for a small amount of monthly income online, try to make it passive and consistent. Such category comprises of niches like internet marketing, blogging, or the adsense strategies, website flipping, micro-niche or mini-niche site developments, etc.

If you don’t have no time or enough cash to start a passive income online, there are opportunities for making money online and freelancing is such a nice option since it pays instantly for what you have done. You can find jobs or projects easily in the free online portals and complete them. The projects you complete, the more money you make.

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Definition Of Trade Leads

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Trade Leads are basically selling and buying offers. This comprises of any business opportunity that a company can actively pursue.

What are the best ways to find trade leads?

1. Embassies and Consulates

One way to search for trade leads is to call or physically show up at embassies of the country you are interested to invest in. Their role is to guide you and give as much information as possible in order to help your company expand to new markets. In theory, this is a great resources but not all embassies will help you unfortunately. This really depends on the person responsible for the economic development present at the embassy. For me, I had both good and bad experiences. My good experiences involved getting a wealth of business information and advice which made me extremely optimistic about investing my time to search for opportunities. On the other hand, there was also times when the person in charge had no business experience and knowledge and was unable to help me.

2. Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of commerce are local networks and associations of business people working toward increasing their opportunities. They do this by voting for a board of directors who in turn will represent their voices in the community. They also organize networking meetings which allows its members to interact with new people and sometimes create some business transactions. Another big advantages is that local chambers sometimes partner up with international chambers allowing you interact with more people in other countries.

3. B2B marketplaces and trade portals

The internet has become a vital part for doing businesses thanks to B2B trade portals. These sites basically help companies sell their products and commercial services by allowing them to promote their buying and selling leads. You can also find priceless global trade resources to help you expand to new markets. The most important advantage of these marketplaces is that you can continually search for business opportunities 24 hours a day whenever you have time.

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The Greatest Ideas to generate income

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Here in this particular article I have a couple of suggestions to assist you generate income from home.

Now when I talk about working from home I mean working on the internet.

Many individuals don’t even know that this can be performed and you may definitely be surprised by how many individuals are now completing this.

Because the economic depression hit everything has went up in price and I mean everything and it’s absurd, numerous individuals struggling to live, people losing their work opportunities and receiving pay-cuts, this is the last thing we all need.

If you ask me I hate working 9-5 every single day, for some, it’s up to 70 hours per week and this is just unfair and I believe every person requires to realize about this chance I am about to tell you.

There are now countless people making money from home and some are very successful while they generate income from home.

Many are making up to a 6 figure revenue for carrying out just a few hours a day.

This may sound too good to be true but it is true and it’s happening more and more.

As they say it’s up to you if there is a will to change, as I did. I found this company called Global Domains International, so I decided to do some study on them and discovered it to be a very well arranged and well represented cooperation.

I couldn’t find any bad reviews about them and this made it even better as I was very interested since I was looking to generate income from home.

The company was founded in 1998 so it has been around for a while and they have some of the wealthiest affiliate working for them some at the moment around creating $1600 a week which is an amazing amount of money and anyone can do this.

I am not quite there yet but every month my pay check is improving at a very high rate, to generate income with this company, helping others is what it’s all about.

This is great because once you have joined you receive a sponcer and the sponcer helps you thru everything from taking you to a beginner to a full blown internet marketer.

The best affiliate for GDI is Laurence Wensley and he has produced a insane amount of cash, creating over $12,000 a month and it’s no lie!

Once you’re up and leading then it’s up to you how much you want to earn as there is no limit and there is every chance to make full time revenue from the convenience of your own home.

In my experience I believe this is a great chance for anyone to start as it’s free to start and you even get your very own website to promote GDI with.

I suggest everyone to take this opportunity to generate income from home.

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Why Social Media Marketing Is Worth Your Time

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Do you think that you understand why social media marketing is so much better than other forms of advertising? Well, I get my paycheck from a social media agency, so it’s my task to convince you why. So, let’s touch on why social media is such a wonderful boon for internet advertising.

The most significant primary edge social media has over other forms of communication-such as, for example, ads in magazines-is that you can be positive that the persons you are talking to are actually looking to buy what you’re selling. They chose to follow you, after all.

Secondly, social media includes metrics in real time to you how many persons you are reach, where they are located, and, most of all what they’re saying about you. When you once had to pay ridiculous amounts of money to hire market research agency, you can now figure out everything without leaving your computer.

Thirdly, getting results in the social media space can happen unexpectedly quickly. When compared to the extensive lead time it once took to launch a successful TV advertising campaign, social media can show ROI practically overnight. Through social media, content creation is both amazingly fast and simple, and this content can be seen by millions of people the instant you post. If something gets a huge amount of views in a short amount of time it we even a term for it; we say that it has “gone viral.”

And finally why have the reason why almost every business out there have started allocating budgets for social media marketing to advance their sales and earn a better profit. For example, if Facebook were a county, picture how big it would. There are, believe it or not, roughly 700 million Facebook users who can be considered “active”. It isn’t important how many newspaper ads you have or TV commercials you make, social media will always have a far larger demographic. In the end, social media’s popularity is the main reason why social media should be on your to-do list.

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Why a website can destroy your brand

Friday, January 27th, 2012

To build an internet site is one of the most important things that a company has to develop in its online marketing plan. Their public image, the door to the world, is opening to visitors, customers thru the Internet.

Hence when developing an internet site and a SEO strategy, the owner of the company, the marketing director or the responsible of communication has to have some clear ideas about what is what they are trying to find.

Brand strategy

First, marketing director must believe that an internet site is one of the key inversions that a company must do. That seems that everything must be correct and adjusted to the brand company standards. A horrible designed internet site can destroy the brand image offline and this may be a big problem.

Second, it’s necessary that brand colors, typography and other elements respond to a unified policy. It's not a brilliant idea to develop a different color strategy online and offline because that kind of actions will bug and confuse the visitor.

Colors and their importance

It has been proved that colors have an important role in visitors ‘ actions. A domain should have the brand ones but also others that will be acclimatised to the sort of visitors we'll have. If colors aren't the rigt ones, the visitor won't convert into buyer and shoppers will nor convert into clients.

A bad choice of our internet site colours can mess up a inversion and give a bad feeling to our visitors, so pro guidance is really advised when a company is going to develop a presence in Internet or in social nets

Some little tips

It has been said that if sites have a telephone number in the top right of each page and a tiny contact form to each page where it’s wished to capture a domain conversion, leads from internet site visitors can go up by at least 5 times.

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Penn State University Still Needs to Continue its Reputation Management Campaign

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Even months later, Penn State continues its task of reputation management after the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Jerry Sandusky was an assistant coach for the Nittany Lions’ football team that was accused of numerous counts of sexually abusing young boys. Needless to say, this has generated quite the controversy surrounding the institution and how it runs. Numerous individuals and groups have publicly criticized the university on the internet and in the press.

Part of the reputation management campaign is dealing with the university’s decision to relieve long-time football head coach Joe Paterno from his post. Penn State received a lot of flak from alumni, former players, current students, and fans after the decision to fire Joe-Pa, as he is affectionately known. As what can only be seen as part of a PR campaign to please fans, students, and alumni the university has also announced that it will be paying Joe Paterno as if he had retired and not been let go by the university. For fans of Joe-Pa this does not seem to be enough, they feel he shouldn’t have been let go in the first place.

While many on the connected to Penn State in some fashion disliked the dismissal, many on the outside saw it as a necessary step. Numerous people believed that Joe-Pa did not handle the situation properly; they believed that he should have done more than simply pass the initial accusations on to his superiors. Paterno believes that he did the appropriate thing by passing the basic information he was given to the proper channels, but does admit that he could have done more.

As a result of Sandusky’s actions, and even some of their own, or lack thereof, the event has affected the jobs of a few different employees of the university. Including the release of Sandusky and Paterno, the university sacked the Athletic director at the time, Tim Curley, and former university vice president, Gary Schultz. As part of his duties, Schultz was in charge of overseeing campus police. Both men now face perjury and failure to report sexual abuse allegations.

In a recent town hall style meeting with alumni, current Penn State University President Rodney Erickson addressed the situation. He declared his belief that these allegations were not a university scandal, but only a Sandusky issue. While the individuals involved in this scandal have been let go by the university, it does continue to be a university issue. Jerry Sandusky will forever be linked to Penn State since he was a coach at the university while these acts were allegedly committed, so it will never be seen as only a “Sandusky Scandal”. The fact that other members of the institution had a hand in sweeping the allegations under the rug and not reporting the initial accusations keep the scandal from being only a “Sandusky Scandal” also. Dealing with these issues and reestablishing a positive reputation will drag on for Penn State for several years.

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