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Small Business Home Page Design and Content Tips

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

There is no magic formula for what amount and what type of content to place on your home page. Generally, minimize clutter – yet you want to communicate the benefits of your product(s) and/or service(s) quickly.

I’ve changed and tweaked the home pages for my small business websites many times (and continue testing).

The following are some guidelines I’ve found worked well for conversion – DEPENDING on the scope of your business.

What do I mean by scope of your business?

Your home page content will vary depending on how many products and/or services you offer. If you offer one service, then you can easily set out the key benefits of your service on the home page. If you offer many services and/or products, then your home page should communicate your business’ attributes with clear links to your various products and services pages.

Example 1:

Law firm with 6 practice areas (i.e. personal injury, family law, wills and estates, business, real estate, and corporate/commercial litigation).

Large law firms are a good example for a business that offers a diverse set of services. A firm with 6 diverse practice areas is serving a very diverse clientele. The personal injury client is much different than the corporate client. It’s not possible for a law firm to set out the benefits of each type of service on its home page without the home page being cluttered with too much information.

What should the firm do? They have 3 options:

1. Create separate websites for each practice area (this is what I do for my small business where I offer 3 distinct services); or 2. Set out clear navigation options for visitors to click into the legal service they are looking for, or 3. Do both 1 and 2 (I don’t do both – I explain why below).

Option 1:

This is not for every business, but is a viable option. The key is determining whether you serve distinct customers. If you do, then you might consider separate websites for each service (or batch of services).

Option 2:

The firm’s home page should focus on the merits of the firm with accolades, media recognition, testimonials, number of years in business, and of course brief descriptions of the all the legal services offered with links to the individual legal services pages.

Then each individual legal service page must clearly explain how the firm serves the client. You want your business to always clearly explain how your services/products help your customer. Don’t assume they’ll figure it out. For instance, I offer a free consultation for one of my services.

I have a full page explaining this with a link in my main menu. Yet, many customers who call me ask if they have to pay for a consultation. Repeat your benefits throughout your site.

Another useful technique, especially if you offer services, is explaining the entire service process the customer can expect. This is a good way to communicate all the work you do and all the benefits your customer will enjoy.

Option 3:

You can create separate sites as well as one flagship site for all your products and services. I don’t do this because I don’t want to confuse my customers.

I offer 3 distinct services. I want my prospective customers to land on the sites that are designed specifically for them. I actually tested this. My second website set out all my services and the conversion was much lower than now. I also find when my sites are dedicated to each service, it’s easier to rank well for those sites in the search engines (due to domain name selection and focused content).

However, if you offer related services or products (or your company name is extremely well-branded), then a central flagship site may be the best approach.

How to decide: Test all options just as I did. Actually, I didn’t set out to test – I just built a flagship site, was disappointed with conversion, so decided dedicated websites by service area would be best. I was right.

Other small business home web page design and content ideas

1. Testimonials from past satisfied customers

Of course have a full testimonial page, but also place snippets of the testimonials throughout your home page (I place them in the sidebar which appears on every page of my websites).

2. Contact form

When I added a contact form to my home page (at the top in the sidebar), my number of contact inquiries at least tripled.

3. Your photo if applicable

Another feature that I believe improved my conversion was adding a small photograph of me on every page in the site, including the home page with a welcome message.

4. Easy-to-follow navigation

Make it very easy for your visitors to navigate your website. Check out other websites as a user and see what you find is a good navigation set up and what doesn’t work. I place links to my most important pages in the top horizontal navigation menu. I often provide more than one link to key pages.

5. Images

Images work – especially for home pages. This is why I like the slider / slideshow style home page. It’s visually pleasing. I like a mix of images and text. Too many images dilutes the effectiveness. I buy images at iStockPhoto. You can get great photos for $1 to $10.

6. Video

I haven’t gone big time into video, so I resorted to buying a professionally created set of videos that offer great information for my website visitors. I went against the tide and placed my videos toward the bottom of my home page. I know many high-converting websites place videos front-and-center at the top of the home page. Again, try both layouts and test.

Don’t put up lousy videos. If your videos look and sound bad, it could actually hurt your conversion. Either learn to create great videos or hire someone to do it.

7. Media coverage and accolades

If your business has had the good fortune of being featured in the media, be sure to feature that coverage on your home page. You could place the logos of the media outlets that featured you. Or simply set it out in regular text.

I’m talking about all media – newspapers, radio, TV, other websites. My partner was recently interviewed by a prominent radio station. I asked and received the audio of that interview. I got it transcribed and then uploaded the audio interview to my site with the transcription underneath. I place an image of my partner on the page to place a face to the voice.

The same goes for accolades and/or awards your company receives. Be sure to display it prominently.

8. Speaking engagements / presentations

If you’ve presented at industry seminars, be sure to feature this on your home page (and elsewhere in your sites). If you can, publish on your websites the information your presented.

9. Published Works

If you’ve been published anywhere, include that information on your websites.

How to beef up your authority?

In addition to the above-listed techniques, a super easy way to beef up your and/or your business’ credibility is to set up and teach a free seminar for your customers.

Try to arrange it at a local university or college. Once you teach the course, whether a one-night seminar or multi-day event, you can feature yourself as teacher of that course/seminar. Also, if you booked your seminar/course at a local school, then you can say you taught XYZ course at ABC school.

Other methods include getting published, doing interviews, and presenting at seminars.

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Website Landing pages – Best Practices

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

A website landing page is an important page. A good landing page will entice the visitor to buy; a below-average page will turn him off. The main intention of the landing page is to convert visitors to buyers, and so, it must be crisply made, by following these field-tested best practices:

1. The message on the landing page must be the same as the message used in the advertisement or promotion. The visitor must get the feeling that the page is the logical extension of the advertisement he has just clicked on.

2. Though the landing page must be simple, it must hook the visitor. To know how ecommerce pages can hook any visitor, see an Amazon page. Amazon pages employ visuals, copy, ratings, reviews and more to hook a visitor, with each element being strategically placed. Now matter how the page is designed, it must be simple and easy to understand, and navigate.

3. The headline used must match the headline used in the advertisement. Important keywords must be weaved into the headline if the headline doesn’t have them already.

4. The page must not be cluttered. Different page elements must be organized and placed in such a manner that the layout has enough relief (white) space. Important messages must make for easy reading.

5. The copy must explain the benefits of the product or service to the visitor. The copy must be written in a “You” tone, and not in a “we” or third person tone. The visitor must quickly understand how the product can help him save time and money or enhance his knowledge (in case of lead marketing). Each benefit must be written in a separate bullet point.

6. The buying area including the button should be easily noticeable. Amazon has dedicated a whole column for helping buyers (Buy, Add to Wishlist, etc.). has dedicated a column too, and it throws in a huge orange-colored button that no one can miss. These are successful sites who know how the game is played. Don’t ever make buttons that are small or unnoticeable.

7. How does your landing page convey a sense of trust and security? Get a SSL certificate if you haven’t already and place trust and security guarantee icons at strategic places so that the visitor is assured he is visiting a safe site.

8. Your copy must not sound desperate or contain loads of sales jargon. It should not sound like a salesman. The copy must give the feeling that the product will help the customer do his work and thereby save time, money and headaches, or increase his knowledge, in a subtle manner.

Even though these best practices are well-known, people seldom follow these. The result is a website landing page that can turn off visitors. Website owners must realize that they have paid for and released an advertisement because they want to see new customers walking in. And, if they want new customers, they must serve up their website landing pages right.

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Key Facts That Each Internet Marketing Specialist Must Understand

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

There are plenty of names that are or used to refer to the web marketing pro with a few of them being web sales representatives, online salesmen, the search dealer, or the web based marketing dealer. The scope in which this person works is significantly broad given that it comprises marketing products thru the Net and its other provisions like the wireless media and e-mail. Such an agent will however have to heavily depend on electronic customer relations management ( ECRM ) digital buyer info, if he is quite serious about reaching as many customers as practicable.

The thorough aspect of activities that this dealer takes part in is also underscored by the fact that it encloses harnessing technical and creative angles accredited online connectivity. The most common and most exceptional aspects are design, development, sales and advertising. That this provision demands the positioning of media to collocate with a lot of stages of client engagement through the use of search engine optimisation and search engine transactions, banner advertisements in particular internet sites, mobile buying, e-mail firms and web 2.0 techniques further exemplify the broad nature of this undertaking .

Since 2008, there have been tries to estimate and publish user data which have been being picked up by full fledged corporations that have web sites for logging in. These statisticians counted the four genres of interactions through organizational websites alongside the hits availed from one or two advertising networks. From this exercise, it was discovered that the prospects for data collection is at least 2,500 times, for every individual user, for each month.

It’s also vital that this service supplier acquaints himself with a few business models like ebusiness, affiliate transactions, local online exchange and lead-based websites. By being familiarized with ebusiness, the salesman will be in a position to sell services and products to customers, at once and instantly. Getting a strong grasp on the lead-based websites are also instrumental, given that from it, the salesman can generate much value thru the acquisition of sales leads.

Conversely, should this salesperson need to conduct processes wherein services are developed by a single entity and then sold by different sellers ; they’ll have to consider the affiliate exchange method. However , this will demand the salesman be prepared to share profits with the active sellers.

Alternatively, this operator can decide to make use of the local connection method by having a tiny company utilize online connectivity and sustain good buyer relations. Such a tiny entity may then use tools such as local catalog listing, targeting or even social media exchange towards the realization of this goal.

The same person may have to consider several secrets, so that he optimally reaches the focused numbers of clients. Some among these may include niche marketing, geo-targeting, appealing to particular interests and the individual-based approach.

While in this pursuit, factoring the 6 elements of persuasion remains indispensable for this services supplier. A number of these elements include insufficiency, sympathy, connection, reputation, endurance and recognition.

On having grasped the above under structure of, and suggestions on internet business, there is no reason as to the reasons why a Web marketeer shouldn’t be able to penetrate as many markets as possible and to have in his list, many customers and to register wider profit markups.

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If You Would Like More Search Engine Traffic It Is Advisable To Build Inbound Links

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

I am certain you have seen this all over the place, if you want targeted traffic from the search engines you need a lot of backlinks. Even so when it comes to constructing inbound links, some are beneficial and some are worthless. As an example you could end up putting a backlink on one web page and the search engines will give a lot of authority to that link. But you can create a link on some other site and the search engines won’t even acknowledge that it exists. Right here you are going to figure out how to build good links and how to stay away from building links that don’t help.

One of the very first good methods to start building your backlinks is through the use of online directories. Links from web directories are good links in the search engines eyes, although some web directories are better than others. Especially if you get your site listed in the Yahoo and also the DMOZ directories. Those two in particular possess fantastic page rank and will give your Internet site a little boost in the search engines. Although those two are wonderful you shouldn’t forget about the other thousands of directories on the Internet.

Article promotion is another good way to build a lot of inbound links for your websites. This is actually an easy thing as you simply write an article and distribute it to article publication sites. These kinds of article directories also permit you to include one way links back to your site. You will discover that article marketing can also really end up increasing your search engine ranking.

Something else you can do is to take those articles and get them published on some other peoples blogs. You can perform this by using one of two approaches. To begin with you could make contact with various blog owners and ask them to publish your current article. Of course this can take a lot of time particularly when your trying to get posted on 100 websites. You can find programs all over the net which can get your articles published on blogs, which can save you lots of time. The one thing you should know about these kinds of programs is that there is always a monthly fee to have this completed for you.

Now with regards to bad backlinking strategies, we are talking about submitting your website to free for all sites, usually known as ffa sites. The first thing you should know about these backlinks is that they will not get you any direct visitors and the search engines may even end up penalizing your site for making links there. Another thing to remember about this kind of link building is that the actual owners of those free for all websites will begin blasting you with countless emails every single day.

And so there you have it, the basics associated with building good links. When you find other ways of building these one way links, make sure that it is something that the various search engines will not hold against you, as the key to inbound link building is to get the search engines to love you. As you browse the Internet you will discover other strategies for developing backlinks, but for those of you new to inbound link building the techniques above work great.

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Pinpoint the Best Article Submission Tool – Read This First

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Submission of articles to article directories has been recognized as an exceptional strategy of how to promote a business’ website. Several benefits may be arrived at for availing of best article submission tool available to businesses today. Businesses just need to know how the articles will be quickly submitted and the manner by which potential traffic may be increased by using an article submitter.

Businesses have encountered this again and again that one of the most important elements of the article is the content itself. The article must be up-to-date and should be relevant to the business in operation and the customers that the website is targeting. The content is the life of the business website to be able to attract many customers as possible, to maintain the current ones and to continuously develop the rankings of the website in the major search engines. Armed with the best content and the best article submission tool, these will enable the business to go a long way.

Articles must be submitted to the best article submission tool to be able to promote the website. There are a lot of professionals that are engaged in writing for different businesses such as article or content writers, all of which may be searched online. The rates are not really that high and articles that may be received are unique ones. More so with a best article submission tool, these unique articles will be well distributed.

With the utilization of the tool and the services of professionals, certain information may be provided to the businesses regarding the number of visitors that read the articles in order for a business to improve their strategies in boosting presence on the web. Surely, best article submission tool will make all this possible since it is important that the tool should give information how the article marketing tool can help to increase earnings and traffic.

One of the characteristics of a tool to be considered as the best article submission tool is that the forms that need to be filled out should be simple. It’s important that the article marketing tool/service is easy to use. Likewise, it’s a benefit when the article marketing tool/service allows you to submit video, audio and images as well.

To obtain the various versions of the articles, the best article submission tool should be made available anywhere and anytime. It’s important that the article marketing tool allows you to submit as many articles as you like. Likewise, it’s important that the article marketing tool allows you submit different versions of your articles. It’s important that the article marketing tool/service allows you to create as many pen names as you like.

Lastly, best article submission tool must have features such as automatic submission of articles to various directories and online channels. It’s very important that the article marketing tool creates the accounts at the article directories for you (a big time saver). Moreover, it’s essential that the article marketing tool allows you to submit the articles to various article blogs, directories and ezine publishers.

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Success Tips Net Marketers Must Learn

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

The Net marketer is sometimes used to refer to that person who earns money through the Net for their own use or for their customers. This person sometimes promotes products or services online . One doesn’t only use the web but also makes use of email and even wireless media. These products could either be of a stated or general commodity. One is capable of selling old products or making new ones.

This person involves the use of creative and technical usage of the web. The former comprises methods of announcement and sales whereas the latter involves aspects like design and development. The majority of these professionals ensure the control over the power of media sites. This provides help in advert and promotion of ones product.

Creativeness also means that one comes up with his own internet business, design a website through which products are provided. Millions of browsers thus visit such sites and are turned into buyers. At the end of the day plenty of products are sold online . Email promotional campaign could as well be used and other sites for product promotion.

All the work is done online full-time to push different firms. This is attained thru the conversion of browsers into consumers so streaming cash into ones pocket everyday from the comfort of a trifling bedroom. The internet-based marketing pro brings the business to his buyers through the free search or Google.

The usages of different promoting strategies also enable such a person to earn more. Most which require any consumer costs before accessing certain products or even reduction on a simple click on the product. On the other hand browsers are also educated on the most useful web businesses models and how any other person can use them to bring profits online. For an efficient business an expert looks for lucrative markets in their work. Such include the ones that have high potential of profit and with little competition.

A little capital is required to start and grow such a business. It is comparatively cheaper since one spends a little cost in reaching a stipulated targeted consumers as compared to other forms of advertisements. Clients also use the search engines and blog to obtain the product of their choice.

Customers may be able to look and buy goods of their own choice at any time and place. This in turn enables transactions to be made faster. It also enables all products to be viewed by a bigger number of browsers since web worldwide connects customers and sellers. This means that products are seen nearly by everybody in the whole wide world.

Professionalism is another key need for a successful internet business. This enables the buyers take the entrepreneur seriously and in turn make online sales. Customers at times experience the issue of not having the ability to physically interact with the product before purchase. This could make other buyers undecided of the precise nature of what is being acquired. A fixed individual would get involved in illegal online promotion. It thus requires of all of people in such a business to uphold moral values in all transactions and abide by the laws governing their state.

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The Importance Of Thinking Over The Design Of Your Site On The Web

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

It is common to log onto a website and find that it is just another website that is shiny on the outside but vague in terms of relevance and usability.

It is good to maintain your focus when creating a website. Remember that your website is supposed to act as a marketing tool and not a page that merely entertains your visitors. Have all your details clear and arrange them in a manner that will enlighten customers on what your business is all about.

You should have usability at arm’s length. Navigation and understanding of the content are issues that you should be careful to uphold. It is nice to have good looking sites but no thanks! Customers prefer smooth loading pages.

The gist about having a website, if you are in business, is to attract customers who can make a purchase. Therefore, if your website is shooting blanks in a search engine you stand to loose ground. It will all be futile.

Put simple, there is nothing stressful about putting a user-friendly website. A website will be successful if it has good content.

You will be shocked that most site visitors will settle for an average layout as long as the website still answers the questions that they wish to be answered. You would rather have a layout that is simple compared to one that is complex yet grossly irrelevant. Navigation is the key, and navigation has to come together with topical relevance. Make sure that all your content has a clear meaning.

As the site owner or webmaster, you should take the right measures and crosscheck if your website meets the usability credentials that will suit the website visitors.

An interruption to a website’s running is always a turnoff to the customer. It does not auger well with the customer who is already loyal and used to how things operate. To avoid this, you should have gone through a period of thorough testing of the proposed website. You should leave no stone unturned. It is also good to keep a log of what you have changed in the new versions.

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Professional SEO Services – Why You Need Their Help

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

When it comes to making your online business flourish there is one aspect of it that you need to take very seriously and that would be its needs on SEO. SEO is basically using a search engine such as Google for example, to drive the traffic that your website needs. You need your website to rank high on these search engines so that there are more people who will get to see your website, and the more people visit it, the higher your chances would be in having these people purchase whatever it is you are selling on your business website. Now this is where these Professional SEO services will do their magic and come really handy.

When it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, not every online entrepreneur who starts out an online business is equipped with the necessary knowledge for it. Not every one of them would be able to get what they want and most of the time, their businesses fail to see the light of day because they were not able to do SEO properly. Now because of that, you may want to check out these professional SEO services and consider investing in them for the benefit of doing the best thing for your online business.

The proper knowledge of these companies regarding SEO services is one of the main reasons why professional SEO services are really worth investing in. It may not be that good at all for your business if you try to provide its SEO needs without the proper knowledge on them.

Besides that, companies that provide professional SEO services are also updated when it comes to the latest SEO techniques. Since search engines are constantly evolving, you want your website’s SEO aspects to be able to cope up with them so that it can remain effective for your business. If you are not updated with this, then you will certainly be surprised on just how fast your website will fall out of their rankings on these search engines.

So at the end of the day, you may want to consider making the right decision for your online business. Although hiring professional SEO services may be a bit expensive sometimes, they can really do wonders for your business, especially in the long run. Besides that, there are a lot of companies out there offering such services, and it is only a matter of finding the right one for your online business.

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Will You Really Benefit from Professional SEO Consultation Services?

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Every online business on the internet today needs decent SEO work if they would want to continue growing. Without that, there is really a high chance that your online business will crumble in the near future because it will not get the exposure that it needs on the internet to do proper business. Although there are indeed a lot of sources of information on the internet today about SEO, the truth is, it would not be enough without the proper experience that can only come from an expert.

This is where you would want to consider getting the aid of a professional SEO consultation service. There are a lot of reasons why you should really consider investing on such a service. However, there is one thing that you really need to keep in mind so that you can see why this is such a worth it investment. That would simply be your desire to ensure that your online business grows. As for the benefits of hiring a professional SEO consultation service, here are examples of some of them.

The greatest benefit that you would get in your investment on a professional SEO consultation service would be results that are both of quality and reliable. Since you will get professional help with your SEO needs, such results would certainly be attainable.

That means any problems that you face when it comes to your SEO work would be provided with expert solutions that are both effective and efficient. You can also rest assured that you will get reliable results because these experts do know what they are doing and have succeeded on in time and time again.

Now because of the professional SEO consultation service that you invested in, your entire online business would not only be more productive but would also gain more savings on both money and time. Such benefits would are really treasured in the world of online businesses because they can easily make your operations more effective. Keep in mind that you can now work on other areas of your online business and further develop them because of the additional resources and time that is now on your hands.

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Make More Money Online through Webinars

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

When it concerns making an income on the Internet, the IM niche, more than any other, is directly affected by the ongoing technological evolution. Just a few years ago, sales letters were composed mostly of text. Today’s sales letters use fancy graphics applications and excellent copywriters. Another more recent type of sales letter is the video sales letter. As you can tell, it’s not too difficult to be left in the dust by these types of advances. Making things even harder is the increased public awareness of these tactics; this allows people to rapidly determine the true nature of a sales letter and click away from it. One area that’s boosting increased sales and conversions is the “webinar”, and today we will see how webinars can help your business.

We all know that getting people to trust you and feel comfortable with your advice is crucial to your success online. As all marketing niches become more and more jam-packed with people offering products that fail to live up to their promises, that important element of trust is harder and harder to obtain. This invokes the question: What can we ethical marketers offering products of true value do? We need a forum of a sort that will allow us to show off our products. For numerous online marketers, the webinar is the key. A webinar is essentially an invitation-only online seminar or presentation put on by a product marketer or one of their representatives.

If you’ve already participated in a webinar, you are aware that it was set for a particular day and time, and it was not a recorded presentation. The format normally takes the form of providing invaluable information that demonstrates that the person presenting is seasoned and reliable. Several webinars have more than one person doing the presentation according to their individual skill levels and knowledge. Once the presenter has presented his expertise and gained your trust, you can expect some sort of special offer near the end of the webinar.

One problem with a live webinar is setting a time that accommodates everyone, since you could be presenting to an international audience. Although it is okay to schedule more than one run through of a webinar, most presenters just record the session and then make it available to anyone at any time. To see to it you still get a good attendance for the live webinar, you can offer something special for anyone who does are present during the live broadcast. The idea of pre-recorded presentations that can essentially be accessed at a time to suit the customer is relatively new to the webinar scene. While these do not benefit from live interaction, you can have these set up to sell for you on a continual basis without the need for you to be there. This also lets you get rid of or handle any bugs or errors that may take place during the live presentation.

Bottom line: Take some time and learn a bit about doing webinars — your bottom line will reward you really well, rest assured.

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