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The Proper Way Of Article Marketing

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Article market was the first and still is the best way to market your website. Lets face it these days people live online. That is why it is crucial that you market your site online the correct way. If you read this article and know what you are doing then there will be no stopping the amount of traffic you can direct to your web site. However if you do things the wrong way you will wind up crashing and burning like a homemade balloon.

We are a society of instantaneous results, we want what we want and we want it now. That is why many people are hesitant to use article marketing on their site as results can be a little slow to appear at first. Those that make the investment they will be able to sit back and see the results with time.

The first benefit that you will be able to enjoy will be the fact that as you establish yourself as an expert on a particular subject you will more and more be looked upon when a person has a question about a particular topic or has a problem they are looking for the answer to.

Secondly, once you have mastered a subject and post you articles online – You can watch the results! Having keyword rich, strong content, will establish yourself and you will be associated with all the online traffic your site will generate.

The key to your success is that you know how to market your site and that you know who to market your site to. If you are running a site on deer hunting then you will not want to try and reach out to nuns with your site. There are plenty of benefits to effective article marketing, but the one key that you will have to possess is the patience of a saint.

As you will wonder where the people are, just remember this one key piece of advice “if you market it they will come.” If you follow these important steps in article marketing you too can be very successful like so many others who know how to effectively do article marketing.

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One Stop Meta Tag Mania

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Some say that meta tags have no influence on your ranking with the search engines. Well that is nearly true except for one ” the description meta tag. Almost all search engines (including Google) do not actually take it into account for ranking purposes ” yet ” many use it in their search results.

The content of the description tag is used more often than not by Google when it shows the results pages for a keyword. It uses only the first 156 characters though so make sure if you are using it to check the length of the text. If you do not check the length your text will be truncated and it will look funny.

Microsoft Word has a great tool that will allow you to check the text length very quickly. This tool is visible on the status bar at the bottom of the page. To use it choose the text you want to control the length and then double click on the word count statistics box.

The meta tags should appear in the head section of the page between the head tags.

Google is a little rascal when it comes to using or not using the meta description tag. When it does use it you can have full control of what is exposed to possible visitors but it will often change what it uses at will with sometimes it just plucking a piece of text from your webpage.

To make sure you have more control over what Google picks out as the text in the search results as well as setting the description tag carefully also make sure that the first 156 characters of text on your page says what you would like to appear in Google.

If you have a flash site or just use pictures with a little text, you have a problem! We have seen Google pick up the alt text from an image and exhibit this when it didn’t select to use our description tag. This will tell you to ALWAYS have some text on your page even if it is only 156 carefully chosen characters (including spaces).

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Ardyss Body Magic, Reducing Waistlines And Increasing Bank Accounts

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

There are always new and upcoming companies in the network marketing industry and it is very important to be able to tell the difference between a real opportunity or a scam. There are many cons out there, but at the same time there are alot of very good companies who are really helping people. So when I heard of Ardyss, I decided to really check them out to see if they were the real deal.

Ardyss offers a few different types of products. They mainly do body reshaping garments but also offer nutritionals and skin care products as well. Ardyss Body Magic is their main product and is a body shaper that claims to be able to reduce your body size by 2 to 3 sizes as soon as you put it on. They also claim that the transformation of the body will be permanent with regular use over a period of time. It works by reshaping the body from your shoulders all the way to your thighs and has been proven to give the body an hour glass figure.

This is amazing technology that sounds farfetched since there are other products that are similar to this one. The first thing that came to my mind was Spanx. So I dug a little deeper and spoke to a few people that have tried their product and got some surprising responses. Almost all the people I spoke to about Ardyss Body Magic swears by the product. It really does drop 2 to 3 sizes as soon as you put it on, and it is not a temporary fix especially if you use it the way that is instructed.

This together with a strong compensation plan that pays its agents for really going out there, making it happen and doing the work, puts Ardyss on my “OK” list. After looking at all the different reviews, I can see that their products really work and they have one of the best business models which helps people to tone their bodies, loose weight and helps them to earn a very good income at the same time.

But is it really all that peachy? Not really. The reality is that network marketing is a great business. And it does have the potential to make more millionaires than any other industry, but it is important to understand that a good product and compensation plan will not guarantee success. What really drives success, is knowing exactly HOW to market the business properly. Speaking to friends and family is just ONE of the many ways to grow this business.

Ardyss agents along with other MLM company distributors really need to use modern forms of technology like the Internet to gain access to a much larger pool of people that they can market their business to. This will allow them to really have an international business where they can use specific marketing techniques to attract people instead of having to chase people all the time.

There are many tools available online that can be used to leverage their position and time so that there is no wasted effort or repeated actions. And most importantly, training and personal education on specific marketing techniques needs to be put in front of anything else if people truly want to build empires and go full time in this business.

Success in MLM companies has more to execute with the actual marketing and know-how of the business than the company itself. Aaron Chen’s Ardyss Body Magic article breaks this executewn step by step to help you figure out what you need to succeed in this business.

Affiliate Marketing Resources

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Many of us would love to venture out on our own and work for ourselves. However, two major factors tend to get in the way. The fist being money and the second being risk. These two factors should not be taken lightly. Even small businesses need a substantial amount of capital to get them started. The risk factor is even scarier. Up to 90% of all small businesses fail within the first year.

Affiliate marketing takes the risk away. It can also be started with next to 0 money. Affiliate marketing can be quite a lucrative venture. If you have a natural knack for sales or marketing and are self motivated and prepared to work hard then an affiliate marketing scheme could be a wise move for you.

Almost daily, you see advertised, courses and seminars that claim to hold the secret of instant wealth. By attending this course you will have all of the tools you need to get your business off the ground and become a millionaire. Those who want to start their own affiliate marketing business often attend these thinking that they will help their business thrive.

Courses and seminars more often then not, disappoint. First, these courses and seminars are usually quite expensive. You have the course or seminar fee. Plus any travel and hotel costs. Most of these are held in heavy tourist destinations around the country. Second, the person giving the seminar or course is usually on some kind of a promotional tour. While they do give out information at the course or seminar, their true goal is to sell you their latest book or software. The truth be told, everything you learned from that seminar was probably written in their book. You could have saved thousands if you had just bough their book and read it rather than shelling out for this course.

While it is true that you should educate yourself in affiliate marketing, the best resources are not courses. However, books are. By simply reading up on affiliate marketing, you can gain wonderful insights and save loads of money. By simply looking on retail sites such as Amazon or EBay, you can get hundred of titles on the subject. There are loads of step by step guides available on how to get your affiliate marketing business going and how to build it up.

Another great resource for affiliate marketing is the internet. Simply by typing affiliate marketing into any major search engine, loads of information comes up. There are plenty of free courses online that you can take on the subject if you are determined. Read through the information available to you for nothing. Chances are a course or a seminar won’t teach you anymore than what you can learn online for free.

Magazines and news letters are fantastic resources for affiliate marketing. Newsletters are generally free and contain good, valuable information about particular programs. You’ll hear account from people who are working in affiliate marketing. Their advice is worth having being that they are doing now what you want to be doing in the near future.

Finally, one of the advantages of joining an affiliate marketing program is the support that you receive. Any legitimate company should want you to succeed. The more profit you make, they better for them. They should have their own advice and support network that is available to you. This could be in the form of an agent whom you can contact or advertising materials. They may offer a wide variety of things to help you build your business. They can be one of the most important resources for you to rely on.

Finally, one of the advantages of joining an affiliate marketing program is the support that you receive. Any legitimate company should want you to succeed. The more profit you make, they better for them. They should have their own advice and support network that is available to you. This could be in the form of an agent whom you can contact or advertising materials. They may offer a wide variety of things to help you build your business. They can be one of the most important resources for you to rely on.

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First Impressions Of Windows 7

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

This is really a loaded question. Windows Vista is probably the biggest failure in the history of Microsoft. From day one the operating system was plagued with numerous problems and angry users who suddenly missed their old XP or 2000 operating systems. It was almost impossible for Microsoft to release an operating system that was worse then Vista, or more hated, so if that were the case the reputation of Windows may have been irreparably harmed. That being said, Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system is far superior to not only Vista, but all of the Windows operating systems that came before it.

When Microsoft was preparing to launch Windows Vista, they conducted a test to see what users thought of the installation of the operating system, and the overall impression of how Vista worked after it was installed. This testing did not go well, and in the end neither did the eventual release of Vista to the public. Microsoft also did testing before the launch of Windows 7, again to see what users thought of the installation process, and their overall opinion of the operating system after it was installed. In order to ensure an adequate sampling of different types of users, Microsoft targeted testers who used their computer for personal/home use, testers who used their computers for business only, and testers who used their computers for both personal and business use.

The testing went very well, with very few issues reported, and little difficulty with the installation of the Windows 7 operating system. The issues that were encountered were issues that could arise from the installation of any operating system, such as existing software on the PC that is incompatible with Windows 7, or drivers for certain hardware devices that were incompatible with Windows 7. In these case a patch from the manufacturer of the software or hardware device and probably eliminate the issues altogether. There was a small number of users that ended up having their computers crash during the installation process, but this is also inevitable when installing an operating system, and should not dissuade anyone from upgrading to Windows 7 if they want to.

In general user experience has been beneficial with only about 5% of people reporting that they were not satisfied with the overall performance of the operating system itself. As compared to the test run for Windows Vista before it was released, this had about half the users complaining about it before it got out of the gates.

Microsoft’s promise of their best operating system ever may have finally come true with Windows 7. Microsoft learned many hard lessons from the Vista operating system, and took those lessons, along with significant feedback from the user community into consideration when developing Windows 7. That being said, there are of course some bugs and glitches in the Windows 7 operating system, but Microsoft is hard at work resolving those issues, and distributing patches and updates automatically to Windows 7 users. As long as Microsoft remains diligent in fixing Windows 7 issues as they arise, then their is no reason why any PC owner should not upgrade if they have the chance. This is especially true if you are still using Vista and it is making you miserable.

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Finding Your Way Around Through The Internet

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Google Earth is an amazing piece of software that allows users to see almost real time images of any location, both in the United States and abroad. For those new to Google Earth, the most common thing searched for is an image of their home, followed by images of famous locations or landmarks throughout the world. Google Earth is a great, fun tool, that not only helps people get more connected with their planet, but also educates as well.

Google Earth provides much more than this, it also provides much need information to emergency service workers throughout the United States and the world. It helps them quickly locate destinations that might otherwise be beyond their scope and in a very effective way that allows them to specify their searches to things like abandon buildings in a suspect region or can help to find travelers who have lost their way or become injured in desolate regions.

Google Earth is helping emergency services departments in various countries, and in the U.S. at a state, county and city/town level as well. Since the tool is easy to use, available on any PC, and can be enhanced with additional information only available for emergency services departments, Google Earth is becoming a part of more and more emergency service departments command centers. The information that Google Earth can provide could mean the difference in life or death. It can also help smaller departments determine the best use of limited resources, since the Google Earth images can often provide additional information about an incident that may not be available from a 911 call, or even visible by first responders already on the scene.

Google Earth does not have the satellites in place that would be required to provide real time feeds to emergency services personnel on site, however the images available on Google Earth are pretty close to real time. In addition to the most up to date maps available, Google Earth also provides extra information to emergency services command centers that they do not make available to civilian users of Google Earth.

Google continues to introduce state of the art technology to its users that cover a wide variety of topics, from personal to professional. Google is truly a remarkable company that is constantly working to provide the best, most innovative products, possible.

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Take IM Skills Offline With Offline X Factor

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Affiliate and CPA marketing, though some of the best ways to make money on the internet, have become increasingly popular and more competitive in recent years. Affiliates are competing harder and harder for the same keywords, using the same offer and methods of promotion, and even running the very same ads. Because of that, making money with affiliate and CPA marketing has become very difficult.

That being said, a lot of affiliate marketers are looking at different avenues in which they can promote their business and that means going out in the offline business world to do online marketing. There is a lot of money floating out there in the offline segment for people with experience in internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Because these marketers realize that there is an untold amount of money to be made marketing offline businesses online, they are now going out and getting new customers and clients by learning new methods of marketing in an area where they don’t have to fight for ground.

That’s where the Offline X Factor comes in to play. The Offline X Factor is a new course offered by professional online marketers Eric Louviere and Jack Mize, and includes a membership type website. Offline X Factor offer its members instructions, mentoring, and support for those who are trying to get a grip on the complicated world of internet marketing, so that they too can make money by working for an offline business. Louviere and Mize will teach you easy ways to make a five-figure-per-month income by providing internet marketing knowledge to service various nearby businesses.

The methods that you use to give offline businesses internet marketing power are outlined in the course that they provide. You can’t find an easier way to make a business that makes money online, thanks to the innovations and discoveries that are shared with you in the course.

Offline X Factor is broken up into seven different comprehensive modules. Here is a summary of what those lessons will cover:

Module 1 is a very comprehensive series of lessons on getting customers for your business. This module gives you all the marketing materials, business cards, postcard templates, and PowerPoint presentations you’ll need to get great clients.

Module 2 will show you about the best free tools you can get from search engines, and how they can help your business.

Module 3 shows how to take advantage of the most effective local directories that will allow your clients the ability to grow and expand their current business.

Module 4 teaches how to dominate the online classifieds. You’ll learn how you can help your customers gain exposure with the use of classifieds and, therefore, get more sales – all without spending hardly any money!

Module 5 demonstrates how you will source social media and blogs that will give your local clients new prospects.

Module 6 shows the power of videos and what they can do for your clients in terms of increasing their business. No other course will show you exactly how to use these particular strategies as effectively.

Module 7 shows you all the technical computer expertise needed for this business, taught in a way that makes it easy for even the most inexperienced internet marketers. You can use this module to save money on a dedicated IT professional, as you can easily do it all yourself.

If you want to learn how to continue to make money as an internet marketer then you should take the Offline X Factor course. This course will teach you how to generate more streams of income by showing brick and mortar businesses how to properly market their businesses so they can make more money. A nice caveat to this is then you can reproduce your results with other people so you have a large list of clients making you money!

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Ideas For Press Releases

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Have you heard all of the buzz going around about press releases but are not exactly sure how this can benefit you and your company? Then you need to read this article and discover some of the ideas that people will write a press release about. Many people are lost when it comes time to write their press release and don’t have a clue about what to make as their topic for a press release.

Back when it was hoped that a press release would be picked up by a member of the press and published so that thousands of people would be able to see this and decide to go and visit your business. This basic concept is still in place, but these days it is a more effective tool that is used in the world of marketing your business. These days anybody can put out a press release about anything that is going on at their company.

If you are sitting there and saying that you have nothing to write about in your press release then you are mistaken and taking the wrong approach to the whole thing completely. Stop putting your press release into a pre-fit box and instead let it be more of a news article, this approach will allow you to have a better perspective as to what to put in your press release. The following are just a couple of ideas that you will be able to use in your press releases.

1. Maybe you are announcing a new venture in your company. This would be the ideal place and method upon which to announce this.

2. Are you ready to launch a new product line? The a press release is ideal for such an announcement. Making the announcement of a new partnership between two individuals and or companies.

3. If your company has received an award in the recent weeks or months.

4. maybe you and you company are offering a series of articles for publishing and are wanting to announce this.

These are just a few of the things that you will want to publish a press release for as these are milestones in your company and you will want to share all of these with the rest of the world.

Press releases are a wonderful way to get the message that you have out to the public and to let them know that an event in your company has recently occurred and therefore you are making an announcement as such.

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Corporate Strategies To Make Investors Salivate Over Your Business Plan

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Structuring your company should spearhead your capital raising initiative. Make sure that your corporate layout is conducive to creating and retaining investor and venture capitalist attention. You should have a solid and elite executive team composed of the best of the best that your industry has to offer and if you can’t attract those in the upper echelon of your business genre, you need to take an active approach to branding them as experts using on and offline PR campaigns labeling yourselves as industry experts who are innovating industry changing solutions. Create a stir, be controversial (but not offensive) and be ready to back up your stir with empirical evidence of your knowledge and success. You should have an advisory board and board of directors composed of industry specialists. Each individual should represent a forte that makes investors start to salivate when they are reading the bio section of your business plan. They should be able to contribute with contract negotiation, strong alliance introduction capabilities and more. When choosing professionals to fill the void of adviser and director positions you should think in terms of corporate ‘growth’ and ‘stabilization’.

Next you want to make sure that your entity is prepared to receive debt and/or equity capital. You’ll need a solid business plan, don’t write it yourself, you’ll only hinder your ability to raise capital. Call a professional to write your strategic business plan. Next you’ll need a way to distribute equity or debt shares, a Private Placement Memorandum is the most common mechanism for helping companies raise capital quickly and easily while staying within the regulation guidelines of the SEC. Your PPM must be written by a professional to deliver the ultimate protection for your company while simultaneously spelling out the technical intricacies of your business to the investor.

Now that your company is structured properly, you have a business plan and a PPM, you are ready to start raising capital. Your first call should be to a corporate turnaround consultant with an arsenal of global funding contacts composed of all the necessary contacts such as: venture capital firms, private equity firms, angel investors, private investors, accredited investors, structured finance firms and so on. This turnaround consultant, if they are part of an established firm (always use a small boutique firm if you can find one, they are much more affective and one on one than the larger firms and tend to get the job done quicker without the headaches) they will have a service call and ‘Investor Finder’ service. They will reach into their gargantuan bag of contacts and give you so many funding options your head will spin, thus, making your fund raising efforts fast and painless.

Now that you achieved your first round of fund raising it’s time to get serious. Yes! It’s time to take your company public. Stay away from Pink Sheets and Reverse Mergers, you’ll only regret it. If you are a smaller business or a startup, your best bet is the OTCBB. Go back to your turnaround consultant and have them start putting you through the sec audit, sec registration, FINRA registration and Market Maker joint venture and S1 filing. They should be able to handle the entire ‘going public’ process for you and in 4 to 7 months, you’re public and trading.

Be sure to take advantage of the multitude of strategies to capitalize off of your securities. Remember there are many ways to capitalize off of your shares, selling shares through your market maker, continuously engaging in heavy PR to stabilize and enhance your stock price and another way that many entrepreneurs don’t consider as an option when raising capital, the almighty hedge lender will can lend your company money against your collateralized securities. Yes! Use your stock as security for financing. After you pay off the loan, line of credit or lease you get those shares back (be sure that your lawyer audits your contract with the lender to keep away from any convertible stock clauses). So now you are raising capital by selling stock as well as the ‘on demand’ loan or loc concept of security backed lending.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed ‘Real’ corporate finance 101! Now get out there, put your company together and start raising the capital you need.

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NCR Form Printing – Right For Business and Environment

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

NCR form printing has taken a noteworthy place in the every day functioning of most of the business houses. This is due to its helpful attributes including the environmental friendly nature. NCR forms printing are reasonably priced and can be used in most of the areas of a business organization in producing top quality duplicates essential in business.

NCR forms are used for creation of invoices, purchase memos and statement slips that are given in writing. Previously, this was done with a carbon paper, which was useless after a certain period of use and formed environmental hazards. The carbon less method of NCR forms has the least amount chance of waste. The wastage in this method is considerably low and they use recyclable papers in the forms.

Big business houses are creating thousands of invoices daily along with other duplicate papers for their use. The use of this bright technique has allowed companies to do away with carbon papers. The expertise that is used in NCR forms printing is very simple.

The requirement of this particular type of printing has reached a high demand as most of the companies both big and small has integrated this system in their day to day communication work. In recent times, the NCR forms printing are being used in printing of official papers through ink-jet or laser printers though the technology was originally made for manual writing. Business houses found this utility tool fairly competent in performing the task of duplication.

This new initiative takes help of a kind of micro dye in the reverse side of the front page, which under force leaves a score on the next page. The dye is micro in nature and hence creates scores or scripts accordingly in an accurate manner. This helps in keeping the quality of precision in copying with no any blotches at all.

NCR is the abridged form of “No Carbon Required”, which has developed its quality to qualify for the general use by majority of companies to ease the daily work process and ultimately results in business gain. A reputed printing company can take up the job of NCR forms printing to satisfy customers so that they can use it for their financial benefit keeping the environment clean.

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